NC Heavy Assault Weapon?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mikau, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Mikau

    Should I upgrade the NC6 Gauss SAW or GD22-S?

    Or wait 5743891658123 hours to get a 1000 certs wapon?

    Man, the default NC6 Gauss SAW sucks :eek:

    Please help!!! :confused:
  2. TeknoBug

    GD22S, you won't regret it.
  3. Jaxjags2100

    Actually the default NC Gauss SAW is good when you get the second front grip upgrade, a scope, and compensator.
  4. Dakkaface

    The Gauss SAW takes 230 certs to not be complete garbage, and it's still only good at medium range. Basefights will get you killed. GD-22S is a much more user friendly weapon, and you could do a lot worse than picking it up. My vote is for the GD-22S.
  5. Zaik

    If you put an advanced forward grip, compensator, and at least 4x scope on it it's fine. One of the most accurate(if not the most accurate) LMGs in the game.

    Barring that, I hear the new LMG basically does exactly what the GD-22S was supposed to do but failed miserably.
  6. Mikau

    Thaks guys, i'll get a GD-22S :)
  7. Inhognito

    As long as you spread your cheeks for the TR and the VS, they will everytime say "SAW isn that baaad"
  8. ChaosRender

  9. Jaeger41

    Go to the VR area and cert them both and see which suits you better. Personally, I prefer the Gauss SAW, but I've always preferred using traditional slow-firing, high damage, large magazine, slow reload LMGs (like the M60, for example) in other games.

    The Gauss SAW is a polarizing weapon: NC either love it or hate it. But it also is the only NC LMG that the VS and TR complain about and wish they could have.
  10. Nocturnal7x

    EM6 is the best HA weapon Ive used. Least recoil, pretty fast RoF, pretty fast reload, has a few fire modes. Go into VR and try them out. IIRC the GD22 had a horrendous recoil pattern, the EM1 was also atrocious. Test em out, go with what you like best.
  11. YesNoMaybe

    If you think its bad now it won't really be a huge difference upgrading it. The NC6 is a gun that requires good aim to be effective.

    You might be better off with the GD22 (100certs) or EM6 (500certs).
  12. TeknoBug

    Oh yes skip the EM1, I bought it when it was on daily sale (for 350SC?) and quit using it after a couple days, it's disgusting.
  13. Scorponok

    the gauss saw is the best LMG out there...cant call that trash :) even have VS/TR trying to have it nerfed due to the destruction it causes ^^

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