[NC] Blitz GD-10 SMG - Better than the GD-7f?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by IntergalacticYoghurt, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Evil Monkey

    I initially switched to Blitz from GD-7
    + because of large magazine, ability to take down groups of enemies

    I switched back to GD-7
    + because of much higher lethality (you take a LOT of bullets to kill with Blitz, negating large magazine, PLUS Blitz has slower TTK)
    + superior engagement range
    + silenced GD-7 = unsilenced Blitz
    + hipfire is about the same

    ... and the shotgun is better for taking down groups of enemies anyway
  2. Tamonize

    Recently bought the GD-7 and I must say it's way better than the blitz. WAY WAY better than the blitz. Hits harder at the same FR. Though the 30 rounds is weak. (Thats why people are saying the the GD-7 is an inferior TR weapon (40 rounds usually) for the NC. But after using slow weapons for like 50 levels, the GD-7 + the skills you get from selecting your shots will make you a killer)
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  3. Bill Hicks

    Goddess I cant even look at the GD- 7F after they nerfed but allowed the serpent to remain.
  4. Fang7.62

    Got auraxium on GD-7F and currently running blitz and other carbines. GD is the best for taking down a single target. Blitz does it just as good at close range, worse at mid range but has waaay more bullets to spare and a lot better hipfire so its my go-to when I feel braindead and not like thinking, I just pick up the blitz, point it vaguely at stuff without ADSing and holding down M1 until the said stuff dies, maybe kill more stuff before the mag runs out and then reload - blitz in a nuthshell.
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