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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by DeathTollDavid, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. DeathTollDavid

    I have the nanite mesh unlocked expect for the final 500 cert slot.

    I cant for the life of me figure out what this is doing for me in the long run.

    Is it the same thing as when I press F or is it totally different?
  2. R3volutionist

    It just regenerates quicker, it's the same shield. Level 1 to max level it absorbs 500 damage, the increased ranks just make it recharge quicker. The resist shield absorbs 40 percent of the damage you take, increased ranks just make it last longer.
  3. DeathTollDavid

    So if I wanted to unlock something that would help me live longer in a firefight what would that item be? Or does it even exist?
  4. R3volutionist

    I used te nano for a while. Once you get used to the game an popping your shield he resist shield is really good but you have to combine it with the nano weave armor for extra health. The nano absorbs 500 damage flat when fully charged. The resist shield reduced damage taken by 40%. The nano drops when you take damage because its absorbing the 500 so the meter is basically how much you have left to absorb of the 500, it also drops while its on even if you're not taking damage. The resist lasts a certain amount of seconds by reduce damage the entire time it's on. So when you have a bigger pool of health the resist shield is more effective.

    Think of it as an MMO RPG. The resist shield is like stacking armor onto your character to reduce the damage of blows, the nano is like a bubble shield that absorbs x amount of damage and disappears. Both are good, the resist absorbs more damage overall but that's based on the idea that you engaged it with full health and shield. The nano is good because if you get surprised and half your health is gone you can pop it to take an extra 500 damage, if that happens with the resist then you're not going to absorb as much damage.

    Id get the extra health upgrade, go with resist 1 and see how you like it. It you feel like you don't like it or it doesn't for your okay style go back to nano. I like the nano for escaping and regrouping if you're ambushed, charging tanks to c4 them. But I like the resist better since I'm usually pretty aware of my enemies ad engage them head on.
  5. R3volutionist

    I also want to add, only get resist shield if you are going with nano weave armor. If you are taking another suit upgrade then go nanite generator.
  6. KnightCole

    You want a true shield? first, slap yourself for dumping that many certs into NMG, then go out and unlock the Resist shield

    It doesnt deplete its own strenght just by having it on and it lasts up to 8second when maxed. Its reduction is 45%. However, it is best used early in a fight....its the best overall shield though, once you get the hang of it.
  7. DeathTollDavid

    Thanks for the feedback. I've learned I do live longer if I activated my mesh before I get into a fight and not during. I will check out the resist shield once I finish spending some certs on one of the vehicles I am slowly working on.

    I appreciate the opinions.

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