[Suggestion] More Empire Specific ambient

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    This is a wish i have for myself since long time.

    Why don't we have more ES diversity outside of guns and vehicles?

    I mean all three Warpgates look the same....all the terminals are same...
    Difference is just the color.

    I think we all would Enjoy empire specific ambient like different looking terminals, different looking constructes.

    It really should be just the optic and not the stats at all.

    Maybe even the turrets should be looking other.
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  2. CaptCran

    I'd rather have DBG concentrate on optimization, not cosmetics.

    if you think the whole idea trough.... that is exactly what optimization does... they do rerender the assets and do optimize them ;)
  4. Prudentia

    But can i get lumifiber for my base turrets?

    my idea does focus on the terminals, turrets assets...so imagine there are very VS alien-like consturctions from the house...that would be great!

    but of course later on they could focus on cosmetics more
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  6. Prudentia

    so can i get lumifiber for my terminals?

    like i said should terminals not be cosmetic....
  8. CaptCran

    They aren't going to be mint green:(
  9. Kaizure

    The only thing I really feel needs to have an Empire Specific change is the sound the Light Assaults make when taking off.

    Armor-wise I can understand. The MBT and ESF are empire specific vehicles, but the Lightning, Liberator, etc. are made by NS and available to everyone, so no need to change those. But with Infantry...

    Infiltrators have ES cloaks.
    Max suits have ES foot stomping sounds.
    And each faction has different voices for their vanilla characters.

    But when it comes to light assaults, they all sound the same?
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