MLG Anaheim

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  1. Ice

    Did you see the halftime show? Those Future Crew guys got SHUT DOWN by TIW and NUC.

    What a bunch of scrubs!
  2. BigMacDeez

    Their aimbots weren't working.
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  3. LonelyTerran

  4. DreamlessLiberty

    I watched day 1. I don't care much for the rest. If I wanted to be a pro FPS gamer I`d open the DOOM 3 or Half-Life 2 map editor and create small arena maps that require use of a certain skillset to succeed with instant respawn and 100+kills per hour. And make an array of these maps and play through them with a higher stress level than PS2. Then play PS2 and stomp everything. But the thing about being really good at a FPS is once you are really good you can never be bad and all the magic is gone. When the big money tournaments come along like WCG I might watch a match if they are spectator friendly like counter-strike. That would probably require custom built MLG maps with entertainment value for the spectator in mind.
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  5. NoXousX

    What were the populations? Just curious. I missed the event.
  6. Untouchable


    Just sayin'
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  7. Accuser

    Each team had a pop advantage at the base they were defending, so it was pretty balanced. Though NC had an influx of pubbies at their defense of Snowshear Watchtower.

    NUC was the only team to capture a base in day 1.
    Day 2 is going to be even more epic, so check it out at the MLG page at 2pm PST (5pm EST).

    See above. Each team actually had a pop advantage in the territory they defended. The disciplined TR on Esamir respectfully stayed out of the MLG event territory, which you can see in the video.
  8. YoXn

    Give me a minute, I just became stupid.
  9. Zorro

    Hold on, you are Future Crew. :confused:
  10. GSZenith

  11. DreamlessLiberty

    I listened to the interviews? Did anyone watch the match-up? It sounded like maxs and medic revive spam. Where the medics using positional advantage denial weapons like the sabre?
  12. Udnknome

    That's what happens when you start open recruiting.

  13. Accuser

    The match is being looped at
  14. IamDH

    Now thats loyalty
  15. Ash87

    I'm thrilled NUC did as well as they did.

    Cheers to Zoid and team

    Folks paying attention to MLG Anaheim... tomorrow Clegg will be telling us what will be happening in the Infiltrator update. This might be something it would be good to watch.
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  16. Accuser

    Then you're going to love tomorrow's War Report ^_^
    Also, I hope they bring in a new and better cloak with the update. The "Predator effect" just doesn't cut it 95% of the time.
  17. Lazaruz

    Anyone recall what time the War Report comes on tomorrow?
    They also need to pay Goldenboy to actually play the game or replace him.
    Seems like a nice guy, but he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about half the time.

    As for infiltrators go, my wildest dreams would be:

    - Stalker cloak
    - Vehicle jacking
    - Bi-pod attachments for rifles with a deploy mode that does something fun.
  18. Accuser

    2pm PST (5pm EST). And it is glorious.
  19. Lazaruz

    Thanks. And it better be...
  20. Phrygen


    I don't understand why SOE can't see planetside 2 will never become an serious e-sport. Its interesting enough to watch once or twice, but there is no way to realistically watch planetside 2 like a sport. Its a pipedream that will never become a reality, and will only cost SOE time, money, and wasted resources. I'm all for the battle islands so outfits can face off against one another, but PS2 never be a consistent top 10 on twitch, or dethrown any of the other FPS games that are considered suitable for e-sports.