Missing/flashing textures..again :(

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by A3DELITIST, Mar 22, 2013.


    So in the last 48 hours my PS2 client has downloaded 2 or 3 small patches and since these patches i am now getting an issue that means playing is almost impossible.

    I will be playing one minute and then the next i cant see any players or vehicles, just see incoming missiles and bullets, looks like they come out of nowhere :eek:

    Please can somebody advise me what to do, i have tried to validate the game files using the client and all is fine.
    Reinstalled the latest Nvidia drivers and also deleted my useroptions.ini multiple times.

    I have been getting better FPS since recent patches but now i have this new issue, its seems like when one issue is fixed another crops up.

  2. Andy789

    I get that all the time when i have my rendering quality on 100. Try lowering it to 70.

    Haha, no chance...100% render distance or die :D

    I will give it a go but im not happy if this is what i will have to do to resolve this issue, will try it later, i note there has just been another update again.