MILLER TR We Don't Like It!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Flukeman62, May 18, 2013.

  1. Flukeman62

    As a miller TR I just want say we don't like being in the "over populated" faction. It isn't fun for us to do but most of us can't go anywhere else! We have too much time and certs and SC invested in their characters.

    So please just realize that we don't get-off from being the biggest faction. But we still don't like being told that it is all our fault and that we are EZ mode because of our population.

    That is all.
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  2. PS2Freak

    you are for last months ezmode because of population. but it for sure not your fault.
  3. Cloaking

    Blame the 4th faction players who switch to whatever is FOTM. Each faction has been FOTM at one point or another, it's just TR's turn for the moment. It'll change in time ;)

    Over population isn't fun for anyone, We're having as little fun during fights as NC and VS. The games' meant to be played with equally standing factions clashing horns trying to push the other back, not one walking over the other
  4. Teegeeack

    My heart bleeds for you.
  5. Canaris

    I think we all know it's high time for faction switching cooldown timers per day & HP% boosts for the factions that are under pop'd.
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  6. Mhaza

    It's time for "you can only choose 1 faction on your server"
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  7. Canaris

    I think your missing his point, there's nothing the TR can do about it and all the rage from NC & VS directed at us is misplaced, we can sort it out but it'll take those ragers working with us to help sort it.
  8. PS2Freak

    ooh please, tee, lets get not personal, behind our factions we are all humans. we are upset about their constant overpop, yes, but i dont hate tr people, i only hate the overpopulation fact and how it destroys fun of other 2 factions.

    you know - the more "cheap" they win, the less "satisfaction" it is to win. i think the op post shows it exactly. its no win win for every faction.

    at some point of time with seeing over +30% tr on alert, i,figuratively, could cry. because i invested time and money in this game and i dont have fun anymore

    i hope tr will understand this
  9. usages wnbgrintooth

    Not sure why they don't allow one time server swaps to people after a set time. When I started a couple months ago I made one of each faction just to see what I would like best on Waterson...have settled in on TR now and never play my other ones...would love to move them to another server that is underpopulated with them and use them once in a while...all I do now is log them in daily to collect the free certs and log right back out...maybe play them and hour or two a month to keep from getting two rusty.
  10. Teegeeack

    VS and NC struggle with underpopulation and constant TR domination. TR player comes here to rub it in our faces how bad they have it with overpopulation. Spare me the goodwill garbage, please.
  11. Arod

    The problem we have is this is a free to play game, meaning 1 person could quite easily create 3 accounts (1 for each empire).
    So any restrictions they place account wide (such as my personal choice a lock-out timer if you switch empires on the same account ala Planetside 1) is totally pointless & can just be avoided / worked around.

    What's the response we got from someone from SOE the other day, something along the lines of paid server xfers soon?
    That's just insulting

    "oh, that server you are on is un-balanced, we will not fix it but here, pay us some money and we will move you to another server where it will most likely become un-balanced again with all the people flooding it."

    SOE...SOE please... I appreciate you have bigger fish to fry with the Lattice system / hackers / buff's & nerf's to weapons etc but to not acknowledge we have a problem is somewhat disheartening to the community.
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  12. Zombo

    Miller TR must have a really hard time winning every single alert while VS tries to defend indar, which TR and NC try to neut on the weekend with combined force

    I know it's not the fault of the guys playing TR from the beginning, but the 4th faction sure pisses me off
    sadly SOE can't do a thing about it, other than only allowing one faction char per server, and only people paying for faction specific stuff would feel any sort of punishment for this, also, people not paying money can just make one account per character for a single server

    i hope they will make some sort of "can only join the continent when your faction is below 40%" or similar, once more than 100 players are on a continent
    THAT would be a optimization for quality of life for sure
    sure, the overpopulated faction will have to wait a little longer, just the more reason to join another faction
  13. Hotel88A

    Nah Vanu's the easy mode, remember?
  14. SShocK

    I'm also not happy about the TR population the last weeks, especially during the alerts. (i'm TR) I prefer an equal population, or even a lower population.
    But when i read posts like the ones of Teegeeack's... it's kinda ok again. LOL crybaby :D
  15. Zombo

    yep, sure is the easiest faction with the weakest tank, BUT IT CAN FLY!
  16. Fried

    My main was/is VS on Woodman but when Woodman was in its dieing state i made a TR on Miller, when i saw TR bloat up I made an NC on Miller, that NC character is now BR45 and the TR is still down at BR14.

    My point is that WE can choose to even things out, I didnt want to start again but NC was so under populated it seemed the right thing to do, I do like playing TR with the different weapons I got through SC but NC needs players badly, it does suck at times when NC is down to mid 20s pop but I guess I got use to that playing as VS on Woodman, Woodman pops are alot more even now so I have been back on my VS recently and its definately better having even-ish pops.
  17. Kronic

    If it makes you fell better I played my new NC alt during the alert and my VS one yesterday. I'll be doing it more often too (mostly because Pulsar LSW and Gauss SAW :D)
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  18. ArmedGoose

    No one blames solely TR for that. Or maybe I should say no one with at least halve a brain.
    On other servers things swing towards other factions with the same arguments.

    And no, we can not even that all out on our own - after having invested sometimes considerable amounts of SC and time into our toons switching sides just because aint a real option for lot of ppl. Perfectly understandable.
    We (or to be more exact some servers more than others) need help in this case from SOE big time though... in what way... well unfortunately thats totally TBD.
    As of now there is no simple solution other than giving everyone account-wide all SC and certs back for a do-over. Which wont happen.
    But some servers do need help. Soon.
  19. Heero

    They need to put Miller and the other poorly balanced servers as recommended servers so new players can fill the other factions...

    The VS and NC populations aren't going to raise if no new players are joining the server... I don't believe the "4th empire" exists to the extend people claim it does... who after spending money and time on their NC char is going to go play TR with nothing because of what? better warpgate place? riiiight...

    Miller has a pretty low population, TR have the most players yes but thats not the players fault for not getting bored of the game its SOE fault for ignoring the low population servers.
  20. GSZenith

    join the 4th faction :(
    although sitting at 2kcert on tr hurts.