Members Queue is ******* ********!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    People keep joining it pushing me back, going from 140 - 144 all the ******* time.......

    Now become a Pay 2 Play game because you cannot get in otherwise.

    By the time I get in my friends will have logged off ffs.

    I don't wanna sub, it gives you nothing but priority, I spent like £50 on the store, so where is my priority? Spent way more than these so called ******* members, even bought the Alpha squad.

    Since you took away AUX and Resources count for **** now, why not give Alpha Squad people a free first month membership?
  2. slannmage

    Yey great stuck in this queue now my friend has to put his kids to bed...............

    ******* hell

    N/m probably still be in it tomoz.
  3. renegadeknight

    Yeah it's a ***** that's why I subbed. And also you haven't necessarily spent more than members, they could be just like you with that extra 15 bucks down. A free month would have been nice, but you brought what was advertised and really can't complain.
  4. absolofdoom

    Yeah whenever I join I'm like "damn I'm glad I bought membership"
  5. warmachine1

    This is one way ticket to hell.
    PS2 need multiclusters(channels) & cross-server characters (transfer at least)
  6. Vicis

    Roll on a lower population server?

    Or pay the 15 bucks to support the developers.

    Or complain aimlessly, whatever, I aint judging.
    Well, just a bit maybe.
  7. iGamer1990

    que que doesnt take long it goes down quick well for me :D no complaints from a non paying monthly member
  8. Tantal

    My main complaint with the queue is that it picks the continent for you. Sometimes I'm stuck having wait in the queue just to join the server, and then wait again in another queue to warp to the continent I want to be on.
  9. Gary

    I bought alpha squad and not bothered about the wait times the first night then bought the Membership just to show my support. I allow myself 1 subscription a month. The game i think deserves it gets it.