[Suggestion] Meltdown of map, suggestions. tired of waiting 5 hours for fav map

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  1. MasterDk78

    Amerish, hossin, indar, esamir. these are the rounds of the cobalt server.
    My favorite maps of all time is esamir, then indar. the rest is just painful for me to play trough, and usually just log off. wait 5 hours then get back.

    Each map would turn every two hours.
    This would make people who work have a chance to play their favorite map as well.

    suggestion 2
    make a vote system in maps, in those 5 hours, people can vote what map next should be open, but not the same which they just played.
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  2. Blam320

    If we're going to make meaningful changes to continent locking, let's make the alerts not trigger when one faction has 41% territory. As it stands, two of the factions will basically just mindlessly farm each other, letting one faction attack uncontested until they reach the trigger threshold. Then the faction that triggered the alert gets double-teamed into oblivion, meaning their only contribution in the end is deciding to take a little more territory from the faction they decided they didn't like the most that rotation cycle. It's vicious and punishing, plus it's a huge contributor to non-strategic gameplay initiatives by all three factions.
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  3. strikearrow

    2 is a good idea.
  4. DeadlyOmen

    Variety is the spice of life.

    Dust 24/7 is boring.