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  1. Nuggz

    Do you like victory?
    Do you like attacking/defending a base and NOT watching your platoon get its S**T pushed in against their will?
    Do you like standing a chance in hell of winning an alert while also farming certs in one of the fastest ways possible?

    If you answered YES to any of these 3 questions then SACK UP and play a F***ING medic. Not only are assault rifles some of the best weapons in the game but you will be INVALUABLE to anything your platoon/squad attempts to accomplish.

    Nobody should need to tell you to play a class that maximizes your teams chances of victory but here I am because 3-4 medics in an entire platoon while there are over a dozen infils has become far too common, especially in the NC.
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    medic lack av options, primary reason i DON`T play them .. no i don´t give a foook about them supposed to being pure antiinfantry ... they get too easily killed trying to heal people outside of a base vs vehicles .. and only C4 for medics is BS ..
    yes inflis need to get SOME AV capability too, no explosive huntercrossbow is NOT enough ..

    you know which class is a good supportclass? right! engineers, cause lots of options ..

    also right! you don´t need to tell anybody what class to play cause any player decides that on what he has fun with and or is comfortable ...
    if a class lacks assets for it to be considered fun ... well tough ..
    i´m not intrested in just sitting in the back healing and rezing your butt while you can shoot all the fools and i just get to eat all the bullets and explosives instead ...

    what could be changed however is to remove nanoweave out of the game and and nerf heavy assault overshield to not protect the backside ...

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