Medics should not have access to C4.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by MaxDamage, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. DemonicTreerat

    Lets see.

    I've used my C4 as an improvised grenade to break open a room because I carry revive grenades yet seem to the be only guy around who understands that "chuck explosives in, count 2, and CHARGE!" is a good way to eject squatters from a control point. I've put it on the top of a doorway and killed quite a few MAXes and general grunts that that didn't bother to see the glowing "hey, I'm live" red LED above them as they rushed in. I've used it to demolish a few Sundy's who didn't think a lone medic was a threat even after he gunned down their crew. Given a MAX crash a bad day after dropping a brick into their rally point (<3 minor cloak), destroyed a number of my own vehicles after they got stuck or were just too damaged and hostiles were bearing down on me. Blown up lots of construction objects and modules because all the "combat types" died well within the range of an AI turret so cracking open the base fell to me. And probably caused several hundred vehicle drivers to have a panic attack and minor cardiac arrest when the "helpless" medic they were going to ignore for last pulled out a detonator and charged them with murder in his eye and "I'm taking you with me!" on his lips. Heck I think I might have killed the guy that started this thread using it once - some TR with damage in his name ignored my medic while driving his prowler past my foxhole and got two bricks for his trouble and I got 2 kills for mine.

    Will I use it less IF the forward spawn gets put in? Probably. Will I stop using it? Not a chance. Its too useful a tool to give up completely and other players are too unreliable when it comes to prioritizing the high-threat targets over the one in front of their faces to not have some means to handle those dangers myself.
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  2. Corezer

    *reads title*

    get the **** over it already...