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  1. Shadowhunter1

    Hello and thank you for reading this guide for medics. TR side, replace guns with your faction.

    1. Med gun is your allies friends, please remember to max it out. the XP gained from rezzing people is increased from the more points put into it, and then the bonus for squad / platoon rezzes makes it a very important tool.

    2. Your AOE heal IS your best friend, but also your allies friend. please remember to use it in huge gun fights so your friends can kill longer, even if you are not getting shot. also, when rezzing people use it to help heal them faster in case your med gun is not maxed out yet. also a nice way to steal XP.

    3. Silencer is your best friend, remember your pistol too. you don't want the enemy to know where you are, last thing your friends need is you dead before anything has happened.

    4. Other medics are your friend ( unless they rez steal, then TK them on the spot ). keeping them alive will keep you alive and visa versa. 2+ AOE heals make a group nearly invisible, the more the people the stronger the heal too.

    5. Sabr-13 IS the strongest medic gun currently, MH2 red dot sight, silencer, adv forward grip.
    Repeater IS better due to high rate of fire, Silencer, laser sight. don't want to miss the easy close up shots now.

    Investing in your side arm is MANDITORY, much faster to switch weapons than to reload ( unless you are the OP vanu that have near 0 reload time ).


    you have that white stripe on your head. people notice that 1st and shoot at it, it is a huge target.

    7. stay at range, let everyone else charge in. that is why rez grenades are amazing too. toss it, charge in with AOE heal on, everyone stands when you get there and are healed ( MASSIVE XP ) and **** whom ever is inside.

    8. camo does help.

    9. enemy can hear proximity chat, don't use it.

    10. spotting people will FLAG you, as a medic it is not a good idea, but you can spot by targeting people that have been spotted keeping the spot.

    more to come.... servers back online.
  2. irishroy

    short and simple.
    but first:
    leave the healgun at lvl 4. do not upgrade to lvl 5. you will nerf yourself with that.
    XP is gained over the time you're healing someone. with lvl 4, you are vital for the team, but still earn something.
    max out AoE-heal-ability
    invest in your guns.
    invest in your pistol(s)
    best gun for NC-medic: Gauss (S) for medium-long-range
    GR-22 for short-1/2-longrange
  3. Karitori

    Personally I prefer maxed out tool because I don't have to waste my time healing revived player + it's faster and if someone's reviving me with less than 5lv tool I hate it. Also enemy can't hear proximity chat only friendlies can and if you are TKing just because someone stole your revive you are terrible person. Hell I get my revives stolen, but I don't TK for it because in massive fight it's sometimes hard to tell who got revive and who did not. As a VS don't even bother with a pistol it's bad (unless enemy is almost dead and you know you can kill him with one shot then pull out your pistol) OP is a TR so obviously his pistol is great.
  4. ScrapyardBob

    (puts on newbie hat) What is the AoE heal? How do you activate it?
  5. Patooie

    My preference is the NS-11 for medic with build specifics below. I carry the C-4 everywhere. It's great for taking out the odd tank or leaving a little present behind in a soon to be capped spawn room or (if you are paying attention) you can paste it to a wall by a gen and take out the guy who compromised that gen. ;)

    Build 1 - In close - team base assault:
    Max Flak armor
    NS-11 Platinum w/ HS/NV Scope, Suppresor, Forward grip, Soft Point Rounds
    Revive Grenade
    C-4 X 2
    Giraffe camo (good all around) (If I remember I switch to white on Esimir)
    Rationale notes: The NVG and lower velocity slugs make in close fighting and from the hip very nice. As the OP suggests the suppressor is really nice as you don't give away your position and it sets you up for nice multikills. With the HS/NV scope the clipped range keep you shooting at things that are within effective range. 1 Clip will clean any softies clock (even a heavy if you trigger suspend and let them blow their shield) The Flak armor often means I'm the only one standing when a nade/nades fly into the room or area and then I can pop the aoe heal/res grenade or just start manually resing.

    Build 2 - Infantry fight mobile/or lone medic @ Range
    Max Nanoweave
    NS-11 Platinum w/ Reflex 2x sights, Forward grip, High Velocity Rounds, Compensator
    Revive Grenade
    C-4 X 2
    Giraffe camo
    Rationale/Notes: Open 2x + dropping the silencer for the compensator and with the high velocity rounds gives great range damage and the Nanoweave has more general purpose damage mitigation. (since it gives you an increased pool to draw from for all damage types)

    Build 3 - Infantry Support/Anti Armor
    Bandolier (more revive grenades baby!)
    Revive Grenade
    NS-11 Platinum w/ HS/NV Scope, Suppresor, Forward grip, Soft Point Rounds
    C4 X 2
    Giraffe Camo
    (Less survivability than the last two but if I'm hanging back farther behind the lines the extra revive is nice)

    As with all things in PS the builds are situational and based on playstyle. For me and several folks in my outfit the NS has been a great all around gun with the right load can serve multi purpose.
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  6. irishroy

    press F . you can heal yourself and the others with it.
    AoE: area of effect
    so you can heal guys around(in a circle with ~5m radius^^)
    (taking ScrapyardBob's newbiehat off)
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  7. Haterade

    I like the medical injector rather than C4. The more things that keep me alive, the better. Not to mention I often don't have enough just in my AoE heal to heal myself after using it to heal multiple people.
  8. SQPD

    Yay NS-11P

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