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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by SpartanZero, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. SpartanZero

    I'm a medic main. An while I love it, I think the classes primary function is a little OP. Namely the medtool. First off unlike the engineer tool that has an overheat mechanic, the medtool can heal/revive all day long with no downtime. Secondly, a max medtool is slower at healing than reviving, which is point click lock + run around corners and walls; while using athlete + surgeon an "exploiting" the movement meta mechanic making it near impossible to nail them down, revive all day long

    For all those of us that enjoy keeping the team alive an running up certs from revives while running an gunning scared. I'm sorry but I really think medic class needs a repass.

    1st - Medic tool
    • Over heat mechanic, that could be tied into the cert ranks to extend the duration of use per overheat.
    • Revive speed decreased. 65% revive speed at rank 5 is absurdly hilarious (I know I use it all the time). each rank in the medic tool should only be a 8% increase to revive speeds, 12% increase to healing rates.
    • Each medic tool rank should extend the overheat bar, or reduce the heat mechanic per rank by 1 or 2%
    So maxed out the med tool
    • revive speed 5 base + ( 5 ranks x 8 ) = 45%, each revive adds 15% to the overheat bar
    • healing rate 5 base + ( 5 ranks x 12 ) = 65% healing speed, sustained healing adds a slow overheat mechanic.
    Adding something like this will also make COLD hearted implant a viable option for use. For which I imagine that implant is probably in the lowest use out of all the exceptional implants.

    Second note - while not strictly a medic only thing. I'd like to also suggest removal of MEDIC kits. Keep restoration kits in the game they work and function just like a medic's ability/medtool does. Medic kits are a broken crutch mechanic exploited heavily by heavy assault mains, who arguably already have an advantage in any given firefight.
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This is not surprising, healing a Planetman to full health takes far less time than fully repairing an MBT. You are hopefully not suggesting an overheat mechanic so strong that it takes effect before you have fully healed one soldier?
    Yes, I personally do not enjoy getting sniped while reviving my squadmates.
    I have seen nerf threads about Heavy and Light Assaults, Infiltrators, Stalkers, C4, MAX Suits, and basically every vehicle in the game, but I can honestly say this may be the first "Nerf Medic" thread I have ever seen. We just need someone to get hot and bothered about Engineer now, then I'll be able to say that yes, I have seen it all.
    Yes, Cold Heart is almost totally useless. No, forcing it to be useful by breaking something else is not a valid solution.

    Honestly another case of working hard to fix a problem that doesn't exist. Medics are absolutely fine.
  3. SpartanZero

    No I'm not suggesting the healing mechanic have the same overheat rate that the engitool has (I'd be thinking at least 1/5 the rate of the engitool).
    Continual reviving should add significant overheat mechanic. Revive heat mechanic should be chunks rather than gradual buildup similar to how the turret overheat mechanic works, in chunks (not the same rate, but something akin to half that).

    It's just too easy to clic revive an run getting a full squad back up without any consequence other than being shot. It's too fast. Again I'm a medic main an it's broken especially so if you're with a lot of good shooters capable of getting up an killing 2, 3 or more in literal seconds.
    Engineers are fine. No one is hot or bothered by it, I just know there's been a lot of discussion amidst outfit mates in this game for a considerable amount of time who found that mechanic broken, especially given the TTK ratios in this game, it's not so much a nerf but a sensible balance.

    Never said forcing the use of something by breaking something that is already broken, balancing.

    Balancing doesn't have to be about the tool itself alone. If the devs did consider it, I would expect a bump in other medic aspects, such as healing aura's tick rate, restokits an healing nades to balance out. If others don't think the ability to move over a dead body with adrenaline+athlete while reviving a target isn't broken I've some beachfront property in the Alps I'd like them to consider. :)

    Actually Medics are amazing also a big reason I play one as a primary class. I still think they can be adjusted for better balancing in an area they over-excel in.
  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    You claim the Medic's ability to heal or revive a large number of players very quickly is broken, yet nerfing the Medtool doesn't affect this at all. Res-Nades do exactly what you are complaining about: "getting a full squad back up without any consequence" except better, faster, and with even less danger to the player.
    The Healing Aura is arguably better than the Medtool for anything more than one or two targets due to its AOE since as you pointed out "a max medtool is slower at healing than reviving", but for those one or two targets the nerf you propose wouldn't take effect anyways.
    Most of the time the Medtool only comes out either during a lull in combat when you aren't in immediate danger, or in the down time after a fight when there is no time crunch and you're simply trying to get as many revive and heal points as possible.


    This is by no means an exhaustive analysis since there is no straight population data by class to examine, but you can interpolate the class kill numbers shown to get a pretty good idea of the numbers present at any given time. Logic suggests that if Medics were a balance issue you would see higher numbers of them and that just isn't the case.

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