Medic! Medic!

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Twin Suns, May 22, 2018.

  1. Twin Suns

    You have no business calling/asking for a Medic!!! think you can stumble, bumble or just get lucky falling out of thin air into a room full of 2 squads with you're "Horrificus" play style. All the while not realizing you just team killed 2 of our own.

    *looks* There goes padded helmet Gary again.

    *derp derp*
  2. Campagne

    Well really don't play a support class if you're not willing and able to support, regardless of how stupid allies may be.

    If nothing else, revive them last. :p
  3. Twin Suns

    Excuse me...but you're White Knight is showing. Also, I don't revive team killers.
  4. Campagne

    I'd hardly call performing an intended purpose "white knighting." :p

    If they're blatantly intentional sure, put 'em down and leave them down. But everyone accidentally kills an ally here and there, sometimes it's not really even his or her fault.
  5. Twin Suns

    *laughs* You're still White knighting. I guess that remark went over you're head. Any hoot...2 peas in a bucket.

    Padded helmet that you!
  6. Campagne

    Well really man, don't heal don't revive don't be surprised when you take a shot to the back of the head.

    If you genuinely think supporting allies is "white knighting" I don't know what to say. And you call yourself a medic. :p
  7. Twin Suns

    *woosh* over you're head....again.

    *sigh* I'm talking about you're "white knight" attitude defending padded helmet Gary and his "Horrificus" play style.

    Medic! Medic!

    No. Most certainly not padded helmet Gary.....

    Once again you just took out 2 of our own teammates (an NG & Maxy combo) that were clearing the room and advancing quite nicely for us.

    Medic! Medic!

    "Hey get me up cuz...I got more a ma Cee-FURR!!!!


    Puts Gary on the short bus *presses* mute.

    I don't revive team killers. So stop screaming for a Medic. o7
  8. I'm so dead

    You shouldn't revive anyone that asks for Medics. We can see the nice fancy icon on our screen and also on mini-map. No need to ask for rez unless medic runs by without seeing you.

    I done that a few times (run by without seeing them) dead. Or they died behind me.
  9. Twin Suns

    Bolshevik! That's our job as a Medic.

    No duh.

    Again....No duh.

    Look man, if you're a team killing "tinkerbell with C4" don't scream for a Medic.

  10. Clone117

    I dont call for medics... I just yell "Help! Ive fallen and cant get up"! Then slowly bleedout._.
  11. InsaneLinguist

    You know what is more frustrating? The ones who scream for medic and then proceed to run away, full sprint, from said medic.
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  12. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Or the Infiltrators who call for medic whilst refusing to uncloak.
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  13. Nehlis

    Honestly just prioritize yourself first, then help allies second. I get people pming me in game "REVIVE ME MEDIC" constantly. Quick tip; that doesn't get you a revive faster. If I don't think the area is safe or if i'm focusing on something else at the moment your rude butt is at the bottom of my priority list. You get rezzed or healed at the medic's discretion, not yours.
  14. Demigan

    Funny Twin Sun's, but from what I read here you seem to be the guy that needs a few shots in the back, get a revive, and get shot in the back again for good measure. Your moral compass seems broken.

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