Meanwhile, on r/planetside, people are complaining about the new overlay. Let's help them !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Ronin Oni

    Depends on their age.

    If they're <20 I almost guarantee they'll go to reddit/twitter first.

    Only the older gamer crowd seems so obsessed with "official forums" (Of which, I am a member but do not share the same views. I only see "Official forums" as a place for epic bickering)
  2. UberBonisseur

    PS2 is neither widespread, nor popular, by widespread and popular standards.

    Don't forget to read the links in my sig btw, you're really missing out.
  3. Ronin Oni

    I've read that dribble before, no intent to do so again.

    tens of thousand of players IS widespread and popular by any standard as well. It's not CoD/Battlefield popular, but neither do I bloody well want it to be. Those players are even worse in attitudes than the entitlement seen around here.

    I was comparing more like PS2 beta, where it was a tightnit and small community, compared to now with most the unnamed masses that never even show up to the forums, and those who do are the worst of the worst
  4. UberBonisseur

    That's too bad. Despite the constant cynicism, I really wanted PS2 to wreck the **** out of the BF/COD franchise and any other FPS in the 10 years to come for that matter, and it does to an extent considering how broken and watered down the FPS genre is.

    Now I can barely get my friends to play again.
  5. Utrooperx


    From being in 35th place to 93rd...

    The sad thing is everything they say in the review is true...the game is great why is it's rating plummeting and the servers merging...?

    I love the game personally...I have a BR95 on Emerald and a BR83 on Connery...and I'd much rather be playing it right now then posting on the forums...but I can't play...unless I want to be endlessly farmed because my toon will only move at a slow walk...since last Friday's PS4 "integration"...

    Still not one "official" word on the status of fixing everything...but for what it's worth...

    Matthew Higby@mhigby 4h

    No Higby Pls stream this week - we're heads down working on stability & bug fixes, so not a lot of new shiny stuff to show off this week.

    Would have been nice if Mr. Higby would have expressed this here...on the "official" forums...:rolleyes:
  6. Ronin Oni

    The FPS market is watered down for a reason, and it's the SAME reason we have the instant deploy to any fight anywhere mechanics.

    Blame the gamers, not the game ;)

    Popularity, in my experience, is a double edged sword. You need enough to keep the lifeblood of a game flowing, and PS2, by nature of being an MMOFPS needs a LOT more lifeblood than smaller 8v8 instanced rounds FPS's, but you don't want so much popularity that you end up pleasing nobody by trying to please everybody. (See CoD/BF for the perfect examples)
  7. Ronin Oni

    I've said this a number of times in the last 2 pages.

    For up to date "News" on what's happening "RIGHT NOW" use twitter.

    Official Forums only get major updates, like Patch Notes for the monthly game update.

    Your opinion on this methodology is irrelevant. What is relevant is this: This is the way it is.

    It's really that simple.
  8. Utrooperx

    Maybe that's the reason it is now ranked 93rd in popularity...?

    Or is that irrelevant too?

    That's quite a slide...from 35th to 93rd...
  9. FireclawX

    Good god, you are so hard headed. We are complaining because the "major updates" aren't here! When the most recent patch came out, and both the 32 bit client as well as controllers broke plenty of people were in the dark because the information was not posted on the official forums. It was only on Reddit. And to add to the stupidity, it was on reddit's front page for no more than 12 hours. After which the frontpage of /r/planetside was filled with people whining about the new layout. Even though the issues with the 32 bit client lasted 3 days, anyone who checked reddit a day after d_carey posted about them, would have missed the information entirely.

    I'm not asking them to stop using Reddit and only post here. But the devs need to show some sense of responsibility to their community, and post important information here as well. Yes, I have a reddit account. Yes, I read Twitter and Reddit. BUT some people don't. And half the reason the forums are a cesspool of whining, is because the people here have no clue what's going on.

    Allow me to demonstrate. Below I have linked all the posts from the long weekend that are about the 32 bit client, as well as the lack of controller support. These people wouldn't be whining if they knew that the devs were working on it. But we received no such acknowledgement. Thus this has happened. And that's only from the first 2 pages of "General Technical Support" I rest my case.
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  10. UberBonisseur

    See, this is why I'm calling reddit a **********. It's a super restricted elite club of fanatic members. You love it or you leave it. Any thread that confronts the devs' decisions is shot down. Any criticism is immediately downvoted, regardless if it's constructive or not. It did not use to be the case, but recently they've taking this to new heights

    SOE has effectively secured its loyal playerbase through PR rather than content.
  11. Utrooperx

    The Smed speaks!

    Smedley, John
    11:42 PM (12 hours ago)

    to me

    Totally untrue. The ps4 part. Not the buggy release part. I have a meeting tmw morning to discuss exactly that with the team. It will get sorted.

    On Sep 2, 2014, at 11:34 PM, " wrote:

    I play planetside 2 for pc and last weeks patches have rendered my joystick useless. The same goes for many other joystick/gamepad users in my outfit as well as many others claiming so on the official forums. I have come to find the the devs use reddit or some other website over the official forums to communicate to the playerbase. If you're not going to address the issues where you created the forum space to do so, then delete them. Anyways, other than the lack of communication, it has been rumored that SOE knowingly pushed out this patch with bugs in it to meet the PS4 deadline. That is totally unacceptable. I have been spending hundreds of dollars over the past few years on this game. This is no way to treat a loyal customer. Doing this before a 3 day weekend is also really bad timing on top of the controversial release of the patch.

    Thanks for listening. Hope the fixes roll out soon.


    (This thread has some more upset customers waiting for a response) :
    -----and your email address listed

    Thank you Ninzor for posting this!
  12. Shanther

    People are going to complain no matter where something is posted. For example, I was called a hacker yesterday because I had a 2x scope on my Betelgeuse. He clearly didn't read the patch notes that were posted on the Offical forums. Trying to use people's complaints on a forum as evidence of wrong doing on SOE's part by not making the post on the Offical forums is absurd, it would have happened either way.

    /r/Planetside is hardly a "super restricted elite club." Thinking such things makes zero sense. As for your idea that "any thread that confronts the devs' decisions is shot down" is HORRIBLY incorrect. The difference between Reddit and the Offical forum, the people posting on Reddit tend to be way more level headed and reasonable then the people posting here. Once things have been discussed people move on, week old threads don't exist because they are a waste of time. If a point needs to be discussed again it will be brought up again.

    Another point you need to realize a lot of the Dev team have Reddit Gold so it is very easy to bring things to their attention. If I want Higby to see something (not specificly respond) I can make that happen with ease.
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  13. FireclawX

    Uhh... That's the most absurd argument I've heard all day. I'm just going to end this discussion here, since you don't seem to have any valid argument of why the devs shouldn't ctrl c + ctrl v their important reddit posts onto these forums.
  14. Shanther

    It is an absurd argument that people are going to complain no matter where something is posted? Okay. You have absoutely no valid arugment why you can't cross post something either. Reddit members cross post from here all the time. You can do the same.
  15. UberBonisseur

    Paying money for readability.
    top kek

    Think the cross post ratio from Reddit>Forums to Forums>Reddit would be the same ?
  16. Leonard DeVir

    I'd say, close the forums and move to Facebook. According to some people, or so I've heard, the forums are only good at the beginning, and later on nobody wants to be here, especially the developers of that game.

    They might just as well create stickies and relevant subforums on reddit with all the update information and class discussions, or why not creating a blog? Hell, we could post update notes on twitter, everybody under 20 supposedly reads those. I guess it's alright to have 200 single tweets for release notes, that way you can pick and choose what you want to read with #filter, or so.

    Are there any valid arguments to keep the forums and not move to the other platforms if all the relevant information is there? Might even save bandwth costs.
  17. Ronin Oni

    No, see reddit users have no problem cross linking here.

    But users here instead just complain that it's posted there instead of just linking what they found there, here.

    They release stuff here during normal business hours.
  18. Yeahy

    Never understood reddit. Never will.
  19. FBVanu

  20. FBVanu

    That list is total crapola.. they say a game from 1993 , Frontier Elite , is better than Planetside 2...
    Just because some dying magazine puts out a nerd list, doesn't mean anything.

    But still, SOE devs should post on PS2 forum, before they post anywhere else, IMHO.

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