May I Ask: About Planetside Convention

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Armcross, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Armcross

    If there would be a Planetside Convention, how succesful could it be?
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  2. Campagne

    Not very.

    Too few players, too spread out. Who knows how many players would have either the means or the desire to attend anyway?
  3. Twin Suns

    Obviously for logistical reasons, it would have to be held in the "Tax you to death land" of California.

    No thanks.
  4. Armcross

    Sounds very certent
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  5. Towie

    More probably Europe - since the SolTech split, Connery + Emerald < Cobalt + Miller.

    In fact, i'd quite like to meet some SolTech players. They'll be the ones disappearing below the floors, flying through the ceilings, pulling those Matrix moves when you go to shake their hands...would be a joy to behold.
  6. The Rogue Wolf

    A PlanetSide event at an already-established gathering would probably be more practical. PAX, Comic-Con, etc.
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  7. Twin Suns

    Logistical reasons for DBG, not for the players. DBG Headquarters is in San Diego. LOL Europe??? Oi Vey!
  8. PlanetBound

    It could be the most successful convention in all history if one were to take place. The planet is the limit.
  9. DirArtillerySupport

    Not possible...too many snipers.
  10. DeadlyOmen

    Basements are too small.

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