MAXes officially not allowed to use Instant Action.

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  1. MaxDamage

    Currently in game, and on the test server.

    Originally you didn't implement the HART based drop-pod feature from the Planetside 1 game, nor the instant action "lucky dip" feature in the same form, but merged the two into an "instant action, multi-location, drop-pod" mechanic that had neither the full functionality of the HART dropship mechanic, nor the random uncertainty of the PS1 instant action mechanic.

    That seemed to be a healthy compromise.

    Since you removed the useful instant action feature and replaced it with a direct copy of the "lucky dip" version from Planetside 1, and NOW have denied MAXes from using them (which were able to use both in Planetside 1 as a legitimate means of travel when seperated from the fight).. you have created yet another an unfair imbalance against MAX units.

    10 years of MAXes being able to hotdrop, used by all manner of the greatest players and outfits have proven that it is not necessary to restrict MAX units in this way. Add into this the fact, that all classes now have the means to destroy a MAX unit - and there really is no excuse.. It is far easier to drop PS2 MAXes than it ever was in PS1.

    Re-enable deploy options for MAXes.
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  2. Nasher

    Also I hate the fact that if you disconnect even for a few seconds you back at the WG and lost your MAX (same problem with vehicles too) :/

    In PS1 if you were a max you were until you died or changed armour. Vehicles took a LONG time to despawn as well. It was a much more sensible system.
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  3. LibertyRevolution

    Sorry, I don't want 40 maxes drop podding on me using squad deploy. So I approve of this change.
    You want to play as a max, ride the short bus or wait for a gal.
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  4. Armchair

    The way I understand it, MAX hot-drops was always the bug and things are finally working as intended.
  5. Tommyp2006

    Did they do another patch yesterday? Because it worked for me yesterday
  6. MaxDamage

  7. MaxDamage

    An assortment of 40 regular infantry, engis, medics, HAs etc. would be considerably more devastating.

    The myth of the successful MAX crash is not backed up by any evidence. If it were, they would have been extremely common.
    They are not, they were not.
  8. Brusilov [TR]

    There is no way allowing a MAX Unit to drop at squad leaders location, or on a squad beacon is a good idea.

    I have no problem with a MAX Unit drop podding in using random instant action. I don't like the timer being reset, but it might be a good balancing mechanism, in cases of low pop situations where there are only a few hot spots, to avoid exploiting it too much.

    We did many successful ones on Biolabs during beta, even after they were nerfed from their godly state.
    I think one of the main problems with organising a MAX crash now, is simply trying to get enough people to sit still and focus in this much faster paced game. Not because they are not powerful.
  9. LibertyRevolution

    What server do you play on?
    This was constantly abused by waterson outfits.. to the point they removed instant action selection.
    Unfortunately they didn't think ahead to how they would just send the squad leaders on a suicide run, then use squad deploy...
    I guess you never experienced the "fun" of having an outfit drop multiple platoons of maxes on your base.
  10. Bard

    Maxes should probably be able to hot drop, but this paragraph is pretty inaccurate. The greatest players rarely used MAXes, and boomer cloakers/deci agile killed maxes very easily.
  11. MaxDamage

    I could write you a long list of names of highest scoring players and outfit leaders that used MAXes regularly but then my post would be censored for "blacklisting".
    Needless to say many of them still play PS2.
  12. wingspan

    I think I've seen a MAX hot-drop once in 6 months of playing. You can say that it's because of what server, whatever. I think it's safe to say they aren't that popular.

    Maybe they predict big MAX popularity increases with their MAX update, so they're pre-emptively nerfing it?
  13. Zaik

    are you sure that this isn't one of the 50 other bugs related to instant action?

    hell, half the time it doesn't even work because it tries to send you to a continent that has a queue.
  14. Bard

    Despite great being quite subjective, you could name anyone you want, but I can name people that would embarrass those people in any game with crosshairs, including this one. The people I would name didn't play MAX.
  15. MrGurrenLemfox

    well do you want AI max suit just drop in and kill everyone on sight......yeah nobody wants that
  16. SiosDashcR

    There's an exploit with MAX hot drops. I won't mention it - But it's there and it hasn't been fixed yet because it doesn't apply just to MAXes. I'm fine with this fix until they can get it to work.
  17. MaxDamage

    EVERYONE has ANTI MAX capabilities.
    In PS1 MAXes had 100% resistance to small arms and could use instant action and drop pods.
    It's tried and tested for 10 years, so no, it is not OP, or a groundbreaking idea.

    It was fine in PS2 and needs to remain a valid feature.
    MAXes are supremely more vulnerable in PS2, and with a longer timer than PS1 had (ten minutes for the use of ANY MAX variant), and no means of transport - they are not gamechanging enough to warrant both of these hindrances.

    Thus: they should be allowed to drop like everyone else.