Maxes need lovings

Discussion in 'MAX' started by OneShadowWarrior, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Why can’t the anchor, Zoe and shield be built in, instead of taking a slot, or make it as a choice with ASP point?
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  2. chamks

    i love this idea, i would love to see the max get their empire specific ability without taking an ability slot, like the liberator received her after burner. but also with the ability to improve those abilities. so you start with those abilities at tier 1.
    i think that would make gameplay with more signature for empires and more fun.
    the question is- in what keyboard key will you bind the new ability
  3. Xebov

    Because they are abilities and need a key to activate. If it is build in most would go for firesupression anyways and you would end up with 2 abilities but only one ability key available.
  4. brutes359

    Agreed. but unlikely to happen since the community seems to have this "MAX's are overpowered mentality" just because they cant be insta-gibbed by C-4 like everything else in the game. I expect the only changes we'll be getting are more whacks with the nerf hammer until they are literally extinct in the game and are shuffled off the field in planetside 3 for more "FAST PACED GAME-PLAY" that the devs want to shove down our throats in place of the tactical focus of wide scale total war that made this game popular in the first place. probably replaced with some kind of deploy-able orbital strike beacon to coddle the adrenaline junkie light assaults that make up the majority of the games population now. Then again... Maybe that's just over here on console....regardless I don't have high expectations from them on the MAX Improvements.

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