Maxes need a unique radar signature.

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  1. uhlan

    Come on now...

    You can HEAR a max a mile away!

    Do you really need to add more crap to the mini-map!?

    (Ooh, I'm a poet and didn't know it...)
  2. Fortress

    You can hear a lot of things that get unique signatures. That's because sound isn't good enough, especially in large battles.

    Also, maxes already appear on the mini-map, so it really wouldn't add "more crap" as much as it would help us differentiate the crap already on it.
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  3. Axehilt

    Yeah I could see a unique radar blip.

    Also they should get around to increasing the volume of VS MAX footsteps. It's ridiculously quiet compared to the other two MAX types.

    If anything, while ZOE is running the MAX should be even noisier and easier to pick out from its sounds.
  4. WorldOfForms

    PS1 had this. It makes perfect sense - you don't deal with MAXes the same way you deal with infantry.

    I'm not sure if the MAX should always show on radar - unless maybe they showed up at a very short distance, like 15m or something like that. The concern is that always on radar could make the MAX way too easy to C4.
  5. BoomBoom4You

    Disagree with you on that point, they are a form of infantry.

    How about a nice compromise? If spotted, they'll have a unique sig, otherwise it's the standard red dot.

    It will please no one, but is a nice compromise I think :)
  6. FateJH

    As long as they don't crowd my map with yet another ridiculously large icon.
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  7. KnightCole

    MAX should show up as a square maybe? I know Wot has icons for each vehicle type and class. MAX are Infantry, just like how a Stuart is a Tank, but its a Light Tank, the T29 is a Heavy, hence it has a different map icon.
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  8. Fortress

    That compromise would be inconsistent with how other units are displayed on the mini map, as no other unit changes radar signature based on spotting.

    If you're looking to maintain the Max's infantry radar status, a better approach would be to have the max use infantry radar rules but have a unique signature.

    Personally I don't like that because Max's are resource based, timer restricted, and force multiplicative units that require AV weapons to effectively combat. That's why I support vehicle radar rules applying to them because they are closer to vehicles than they are to infantry in terms of game mechanics.
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  9. MaxDamage

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  10. bPostal

    For a second I was wondering what the hell the federation had to do with this
  11. Bill Hicks

    A very good idea. I'm tired of seeing a red blip and then realizing I needed a whole squad with me.
  12. Bill Hicks

    really? really?
  13. The Shermanator

    All other units that require resources to spawn have a unique map icon, because they are different units. So, following that logic, the MAX should as well. This is besides the fact that the presence of MAX units is critical information, especially in the case of MAXes that give no audible queues that they exist.
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  14. Maljas23

    lol, typical of you.

    @OP: +1
  15. RisKey

    Would be against this in bigger battles the map is full of enough shizzle. Having anything larger then a dot would be terrible on the mini map. There never is just one max there are usually multiples which sounds like a cluster on the map covering infantry dots that maybe there as well. Which is also important to assess how many infantry are in a general area before you attack it.

    It would be really easy to c4 a max indoors because its constant choke points as you move through buildings/rooms. Vehicle conflicts are all outdoors typically in open areas so I don't even see the comparison there.

    This sounds to me like I'm sick of running into noob maxes getting free kills on me put them on map so I can avoid them thanx!
  16. Rogueghost

    Yes, this so much.
    Also I can't believe how many people fail to understand what Flapatax meant.
    And OP, if you're concerned about people pulling the stats card, why have that sig?
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  17. Fortress

    From the files linked, the Max icon won't be much bigger than an infantry icon. It shouldn't clutter the map or hinder your ability to see infantry.

    Because the K/D scares people.
  18. Rogueghost

    Why not just roll with no sig?