MAX suit/abilty question (NC)

Discussion in 'MAX' started by ArcKnight, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    does kinetic armor make any noticeable difference at lvl1 OR is nanite auto repair a better option ?

    does the Aegis shield regenerate while active ? and how much health does lvl1 actually have ?
  2. Vikingo

    I certed inte the first 3 ranks in Kinetic armor at once so I cant say that you notice the change after the first rank only. However it was clearly noticeabel with rank 3.

    The Aegis shield does not regenerate while active.
  3. ArcKnight

    ah scrap, its would've been far better if it did regenerate while active
  4. ZoeAlleyne

    Wouldn't it also be nice if it stopped splash damage and didn't increase your hitbox.
  5. Souleater

    Strictly talking about level one in either of those abilities, I would say you would notice NanoRegen more.

    I have both on my TR MAX. The reduction in bullet damage at level one of Kinentic Armour...I don't really notice. I think as others have said you can't really feel it until about level 3.

    With Regeneration you obviously go from not regenerating at all to regenerating at a moderate pace.

    NB: I'm usually relying on the kindness of strangers to get repaired out in the field. If that isn't an issue then Kinetic is probably the better choice.

    I think Flakk Armour also gives a big benefit at level one.
  6. MykeMichail

    You don't really notice the effects of Kinetic armor until you jump back into a MAX without it.

    There was a lot of enemy armour at Crossroads so I decided to switch to dual Falcons to take them out. Unfortunately I ran into a ZOE MAX and my jaw literally dropped at how fast he took me down. Then I realised, my Falcon load out has Flak armour on it.