Mar. 10, 2021 - PS4 Hotfix

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    All PS4 servers will come down for a new game update on Wednesday, March 10, at 8:00am PT (5:00pm CET). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 3 hours.

    Misc. Fixes, Changes, and Additions
    • Fixed an issue with single-shell shotgun reload animations while crouched or sitting on the back of a Flash.
    • Fixed a couple of locations where non-ASCII loadout names would display invalid characters.
    • Colossus tanks' Fire Suppression ability now has a "Ready" indicator when the ability is off of cooldown, like other vehicles.

    Coming Soon: St. Patrick's Day 2021
    Shiny new green is coming to the marketplace for St. Patrick's Day from Mar. 17 through Mar. 21.
    A holiday themed shotgun, new profile banner, and uilleann pipe horns for all vehicles are among what will be hitting the shelves. We'll be showing these new items off as the holiday draws closer, be on the lookout for screenshots and more on
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