Mar. 10, 2021 - PC Hotfix

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    All PC servers will come down for a new game update on Wednesday, March 10, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    Outfit Wars
    We will be fixing an issue where extra Victory Points were assigned at the beginning of Playoffs Round 2, based on the Outfit's current rank. This bug didn't impact any placements going into the round, as the matches were calculated using the correct VP, and we'll be adjusting the VP to its proper values when this update goes Live.

    Misc. Fixes, Changes, and Additions
    • Fixed an issue with single-shell shotgun reload animations while crouched or sitting on the back of a Flash.
    • Fixed a couple of locations where non-ASCII loadout names would display invalid characters.
    • Colossus tanks' Fire Suppression ability now has a "Ready" indicator when the ability is off of cooldown, like other vehicles.
    • A7 tooltip in the loadout screen no longer mentions alert rewards.
    • Outfit Wars: When the preparation phase ends, the "teleport you back to spawn" mechanic is disabled the moment the opaque bubble is removed.
    • Outfit Wars: The string above the Outfit Wars button on the World Map screen no longer overlaps the button.
    • Outfit Wars: Updated the help and join match tooltips to more accurately reflect account lock mechanics.
    Coming Soon: St. Patrick's Day 2021
    Shiny new green is coming to the marketplace for St. Patrick's Day from Mar. 17 through Mar. 21.
    A holiday themed shotgun, new profile banner, and uilleann pipe horns for all vehicles are among what will be hitting the shelves. We'll be showing these new items off as the holiday draws closer, be on the lookout for screenshots and more on

    Dev Note
    Hey there, folks. We're experimenting with shorter update cycles on smaller fixes and features that we don't necessarily want to hold for a larger update. So you're going to start seeing small updates like this more often. Our main focus as a team is working on Chapter 03 and the NSO revamp, both of which are turning out to be pretty large updates at this point. On the 17th we're targeting getting the first look of Chapter 03 and the new facility to the public test server, so prepare for a large download.

    More to follow.
    -Wrel, Lead Designer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.