Maps and Bases are not vehicle friendly enough

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  1. Trysaeder

    Oops. I meant 'not infantry friendly enough'. Currently, infantry only exist in this game to be farmed. The weapons with the highest number of kills are undoubtedly the Python HE, rocketpods and Zephyr, because infantry is the easiest thing to kill en masse. There's nothing wrong with this, IF the maps didn't facilitate this farming so much.

    I'll present a few design concepts from BF3, so please bear with me. BF3's latest expansion, Aftermath, includes the most infantry friendly maps I've ever played, which are extremely enjoyable. Compare the next few sentences with what happens in PS2.
    • There's tons of cover everywhere and few places where you're exposed for more than 3 seconds while diving cover to cover.
    • The ground is very bumpy, making it difficult for vehicles to get a good shot off while moving.
    • Most vehicle paths are limited and extremely predictable due to the terrain layout, making mines very effective.
    • Roadside cover is plenty, and infantry-only vantage points against vehicles are also easy to find.
    • Tons of flanking opportunities (without the need for jetpacks) along with well defined lanes that keep infantry movements under control.
    Basically, it's an urban jungle that heavily favours infantry WITHOUT turning everything into a clusterfudge. Squad based combat moving through lanes and buildings is extremely enjoyable and allows for much more strategy.
    In comparison, the decisions that PS2 forces its players to make are completely ridiculous.
    Capped a base? Where do you go next?
    Moving between bases? Better be in a vehicle.
    Tank off timer? Better get inside it.
    Tank on timer? Get a different one.
    Enemy zerg coming? Mass vehicle defence/farm.
    Well prepared enemy defence? Vehicle siege/farm.
    Enemy infantry entering your base? Landing pad/corridor/stairway camp party. On EVERY single one.
    Getting overrun by infantry? Well, you're ******.
    Look at the Crown. I'm not saying that all map terrain and bases should be like that, but it's a damn good example of infantry friendly design. If the huge defender's advantage was reduced somewhat, it would actually be a great base.
  2. Zazulio

    Agreed completely. Bases are where the switch from vehicles to infantry is supposed to occur, but the current design promotes sitting outside the walls in a tank and spamming shells at the spawn zones. It's a very stale experience for everybody involved, especially for the defenders.
  3. Uben Qui

    Yer doing it wrong if you are defending and spawning from the cloner. A good defense uses Sundys to spawn from. The only time you spawn from the base cloner is when yer defense is crumbling and the Sundys are taken out.
  4. Dictatorfish

    I don't mind what they do to the ground, as long as they keep the spawn room outdoors and separated from the main base, surrounded by a no man's land with absolutely no air cover, I'm happy.