[Suggestion] make the colossus accessible to everyone

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 4EMODAN, Jun 12, 2022.

  1. 4EMODAN

    reduce his health, reduce damage to the elements of the bastion,
    make it possible to buy it for 750 nanites on tech plants
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  2. AuricStarSand

    I have a solofit & have enough resources to pull a collosuses once per day, maybe twice per day if I farmed to ninja regions (usually don't ninja farm).

    Reduced hp? The hp is only 10k, I've had 1 prowler rush my collosus & win or 1 vanguard shoot me from a camped hill & won. The hp is low enough. Bastions would die all the time if it was 750 nanites.

    Tho I agree a 750 nanites tank would be ideal, just not the colloses. I may make a thread for this 1day. Tho suggestively if the devs would make new vehicle loadout utilities. Like buffer utilities that add armor to your vehicles, then its possible to have a new utility slot that adding it makes your MBT cost more. Like +100 nanites for this extra utility slot to be open. +50 nanites to equip the new utility. Then a 2nd bonus new slot too, so 2 extra new slots total, both adding +100 nanites to open & 50 nanites to equip.

    So 450 nanite tanks. 150 nanites for new slot utility or side armor = 600 nanite tank + 2nd new utility slot = 150 nanites too = 750 total nanites for 1 larger MBT. Or similarly for harasser & sunderer too.

    So players have the option to either have a 450 nanites tank or equip a MBT that's 40% stronger for 750 nanites. Both being evenly fair, as the nanite price evens the strength. This option for Harrasser & Sunderer too (2 new utility slots, that cost nanites to equip, 150 nanite buff slots, 300 nanites more per vehicle of buffs.

    If they added this feature, they prob would have to take away the ASP vehicle discounts & add something else asp wise.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    nah just allow NSO to form outfits ... simple as that ... weither factionoutfit, freelance- or mercenaryoutfit should not matter ...
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  4. Baneblade

    The Colossus isn't something we need more of.
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  5. TR5L4Y3R

    the things we don´t need more of would be OS and carriers ... Colosses are ok (for resources) ...

    the problem i see lies in the lacking AV balance for infantry ...
  6. Liewec123

    Colossus is just a mini bastion in my eyes,
    If one rolls up with a rep bus the fight is ruined.
    Targets that I can't engage are not fun.
    (Yes I know i can technically engage it, and chip off some paint before dying...)
    Honestly I'd be fine with the cost of the outfit cheese all doubling,
    Less OS less collosus, less bastions, better game.
  7. brutes359

    I actually agree with this. I HATE all the new stupid gimmick "Special" currencies they added. The colossus introduction is such a kick in the teeth for veteran players who have their certs saved up, and the rarity of the recourses needed for them ensure that they almost never see use. Seriously, I see bastions basically ignored around the map because no one has the recourses or kit required to actually use these things, its insulting.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    they don´t need any cert investment ... which imho is a good thing .. they require merit for being upgraded, which is super easy .. and i totally don´t mind them being only acquirable by those special resources, thus limiting how often they are spawned ...
    i DO dislike not being able to create a solo outfit as NSO and i dislike losing my outfit/meritlevel when not active and losing access to merit items just because i can´t always play the game for RL reasons
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  9. OSruinedPS1

    Zergfits exploit redeploying and other game systems, ruining the game for everyone else, and the devs go and reward them with bastions. Phffft, Yeah real vision there.