[Suggestion] Make Infiltrators cost nanites

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Qewy, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Scroffel5

    Yesterday, I was an Infil and I was super annoying that the VS and TR dropped everything to kill me. I really don't think that they need to cost nanites. That would be super stupid, in my opinion, to pay nanites for a class that has less health and typically weaker weapons based on stats.
  2. Raidashi

    Infiltrators are literally a class designed to capitalize on mistakes. It just so happens that theres a lot of people who make a lot of mistakes. They hunt down people standing still, those with their backs turned, those not paying attention or situationally aware. If your being victimized by Infils, your doing one of these things.

    They also come with a whole pile of downsides and more oft then not, bring minimal contributions to the actual battle at hand.

    Not to mention that comparing the most extreme ends of anything is fallacious at best. Literally 99.99% of people will never reach this extreme. I've not got the playtime some here have, but I've literally never seen an Infil bust into a holdout and clear it. I've seen some try, and get demolished. On the other hand, I can recount dozens of times that a lone HA has busted into a room and cleared it out. To me, thats an infinitely more reliable analysis of how things actually work than comparing the most bleeding edge potential. Fact is, 9/10 times a HA, or anyone who's decent to good and notices them, is going to demolish an Infil.

    In all the "solo" videos I see of infil's wrecking entire squads, that entire squad is literally overflowing with morons who havnt a clue what's going on around them. Reality is, if theres anyone half decent around, the second they hear that jet turbine loud cloak activate they're already looking for them. Then if they're good they might get 1 or 2, but they're still dead the moment they decided to engage.

    The only exception is a few clever boi's who manage to skirmish with a scout rifle or 1hit rifle. And yeah, they're annoying, but they manage to take down maybe like 1 person at a time which is almost immediately undone 3 seconds later.

    And as others have mentioned, if Infils were so incredibly powerful as a few others say, then there would be a LOT more of them. Instead, they're one of the least used classes because they bring almost nothing except a few cheap kills to your team.

    I think the only reason that some people will proclaim the OPness of Infils is because either A) They're on the receiving end and making mistakes that designate them infiltrator food, or B) manage to rack up higher KDR's (which too many are obsessed with) because they can score a cheap, cheeky kill and slip away before doing it again. Which again btw, while trolly, is mostly meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
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  3. ArcKnight

    engie with a Anti-personnel mines = heavily injured if not dead cloakers.

    yesterday on Esamir we ere defending a base from TR and they had a couple of infils sniping at us from a nearby mountain, we had to counter snipe them in order to prevent the TR from gaining a foothold on the jump pads.

    sniping requires good aiming and no sniper will pass up on a completely exposed and stationary head
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