Magriders shooting through shields...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SikVvVidiT, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. SikVvVidiT

    Sure would be nice if you would fix this devs... Wait I seem saying that exact same phrase back in February...

    I wonder if mod 20920912 will call this trolling too?... Since you have to act like your Barney the dinosaur around here...
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  2. Leal

    Its not just magriders, if you fight against NC Connery they have it down to a ******* art form in getting their rockets and tank shells through shield doors.
  3. KAHR-Alpha

    As of GU13, they've completely ****** up shields rendering, yesterday I've seen them start rendering at 100m only.
  4. Spookydodger

    I wonder if he means sticking the cannon of the magrider through the door, much like what you can do with the Dalton / Zephyr in a biolab (or used to be able to do)
  5. The King

    nah.... Ever since the last update, you can just shoot through the things.. sometimes. If there are a lot of players around, it seems like everything goes through way easier than with less players.
    The shield also renders at a short distance....
  6. BlackbookPS

    Quiet, don't tell the noobs.

    Place the thread in the bug reports section, or report it thru ingame bug report function like I did.
  7. WaRadius

    Are you talking about the fact that vehicle render distance is greater than gate shield render distance or that secondary AI weapons (like Proton) can fire through vehicle shields?
  8. gigastar

    This should be in the bugs section.

    And the bug is with all weapons with splash, not just the Magrider.

    And insulting a mod is a quick way to get banned around here.
  9. SikVvVidiT

    Report it in the bug section for what exactly? So it will show back up in GU19?

    This was introduced way back in GU3 or 4.. And again in another update... And now it is happening AGAIN.

    These devs break more then they fix. Oh wait i'm "trolling" because I talk negatively about this development team, I better watch out! It couldn't be that I was a paying customer who is not satisfied with the way my money is being wasted.

    If I messed up this bad at work (or anyone for that matter) I would probably have been fired now... Nevermind the fact that in my line of work if I miss up that could end up costing dozen of people their lifes. But because these guys are game developers or coders are what have you, they suddenly get a pass? No... Sorry It don't work for that, I paid for services that are not being rendered. Either refund that partially, or deal with me complaining about your buggy game. Hear that mods?

    You can either allow me to vent here, or I will vent on other forums that list your game. And on those forums I will be using more then words to back up my complaints. I will post screen shots and or videos showing what is wrong with this game, hackers vids anyone?...
  10. ScottishRoss

    Man, you are an *******.
  11. CrashB111

    I've driven up on Tawrich Recycling from the TR warpgate before and it didn't render the shield till I was 75-100 meters away from it. Had I wanted to I easily could have exploited that to kill every NC tank on the other side of the shield, Fix your game SOE.
  12. Tommyp2006

    Anything that can shoot beyond shield render distance can do this actually.