[BUG] Losing ownership of sundy once I deploy it. + various oldish sundy bugs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Dec 4, 2019 at 4:57 PM.

  1. Zizoubaba

    This bug is really starting to get annoying.

    It started last patch, maybe the patch before that, and it was super rare. Now it happens a few times, every night, cause funnily enough, it doesn't seem to happen during the day, or at least at prime time.

    Basically :

    I pull a sundy.
    I deploy it.
    I get out.

    On the right side of the screen should be a green sundy icon, it's not there, there's nothing.
    If I enter the sundy I am in driver's seat (so owner).
    However if I want to change the rights to the sundy (for example, lock the sundy), I get message that I am not the owner.

    If I leave the sundy and go fight, I have no way of knowing if the sundy is damaged or not.


    Bonus bugs (although they may be intentional) :

    I used to get a message any time my sundy was attacked. That doesn't happen anymore.

    The sound of an enemy attacking the deployed sundy used to reach me across the base. Not anymore, most of the time I can't hear anything at all and have to rush to defend it without knowing who's attacking (since I can't recognise the sound since there is no sound).
    EDIT-> playing around with the maxium voice channels setting in the audio settings menu seems to change this a little, but I havn't been able to figure out any more than this so set it on maximum in the meantime.

    The repair bug is still here (this one is super old) -> if I need to move my sundy, but someone is repairing it, I can't move it because I can't un-deploy.
    This bug is probably tied to other ones such as ; if I start repairing sundy immediately after having deploying, the time it takes for the sundy to start buildling shield (from zero to 2500) or for going into stealth is delayed ; ie me repairing the sundy delays it.

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