Looking for Outfit (Yes, you never heard that one before)

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by Hands Down, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Hands Down


    Here is another fresh player looking for an outfit. Preferably, it would be organized but relaxed/casual outfit - something along the lines of those magnificent bastards from Trident (shame they are on a different server).

    Size-wise, anything over 10+ active members on a daily basis is fine with me. Also, the higher the average age of outfit, the better.

    Thanks for consideration!

  2. NytDragon

    There are a number of great outfits to chose from. You're welcome to join VAST (http://vast-outfit.com). We have 10-60 active members online (and growing every day), fluctuating 24/7. We have regular training events every week and I'd say that our average age is probably in the low 30s. We're organized, although like to keep it simple and have fun doing whatever we're engaged in.
  3. Escorge

    VAST is great and all but...Come join Execution on the glorious Terran Republic! Join now and get your second invite absolutely free!
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  4. NytDragon

    Well, with the SC to cert refund... my BR 2 TR can cert up fast...and I can play drunk! If I join, guess I can bring Yoxn too.
  5. RachelGomez

    What Nyt said, we have a level of maturity that I have seen rarely in shooters, and a pretty solid membership size (and growing).

    Apply now, and give us a try, I can promise you won't regret it :)