Looking for organized TR outfit on Lithcorp

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by Oulaa, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Oulaa


    What i'm looking for:

    I'm an EU player on Lithcorp that is looking for a more organized PS2experience (prefferably with specialised divisions (air\armor\etc.).

    Just watched a "friday night ops" video from the US server "Connery" with the "666th Devil Dogs" on twitch.tv that demonstrates what im looking for.

    Organized with microphone usage, without "forced" military lingo etc. as in my experience this feels to artificial.

    About me:

    Age: 25
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Language: Norwegian, English

    Ingame name: Oulaa

    Im currently at BR 16, and am focusing on airsupport\bomber (liberator).
    (tough i'm open to variation, as i've said im looking for an outfit that allows for specialization and coordination).

    Do you have what im looking for? or have any questions for me, give me a shout
  2. Nenarch

    Your asking a lot, unless there's some old PS 1 outfit on TR and I don't believe there is.

    European PS 1 outfits.. are rare, and those of us who are real PS 1 veterans on EU servers are pretty lonely.
  3. Oulaa

    i'm saddened by the lack of responses here, really had high hopes for planetside 2's outfit scene, but so far all ive seen are "ragtag" outfits with 30 guys running arround like headless chickens while 1 or two guys attempt to controll the madness. And honestly compared to that, i find it more fun just to gang up with a couple of friends and play by ourselves.:(
  4. MoonDawg