Looking for NC outfit

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by ZakanSparta, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. ZakanSparta

    I'm a ps1 veteran, was hardcore back in the days, now enjoying ps2 abit more casualy.

    Looking for fun, easy going NC outfit for some social chit-chat and organised ownage :-D
  2. TSam

    hey mate check us out at www.eternaloverwatch.com we are a rapidly growing multi national clan with TeamSpeak and forums for our clan to use. We have a solid group of PS2 members that play on a day to day basis
  3. Jonas Wingren

    I'm part of an outfit on woodman if you would care to swap server :).

    The FHM outfits has 3 divisions: 42nd(tanks),501st(infantry), 7th(air)
    We have around 250 members
    We operate through a chain of command: HQ->divisionleaders->Squadleaders
    The officers have good experience and good knowledge of how to utilize the TS system.

    So the higher you go in rank the more organized it gets so that the people in the squads don't have to care about more then following the orders given and kick *** :). And enjoy themselves of course :).

    Yeah and of course we have a rank structure that awards social and gameplay relevant skills along with medals and awards for special happenings :).

    We always evaluate what we do and iterate on and improve. It's simply a good way of improving your game :)

    PS: on Christmas break at the moment so no planned ops but still a lot of players :)