Light Assault's poem

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  1. Iridar51

    Like an angel of death
    Swift master of stealth
    I fly on the wings of flame

    You think you are safe
    But you're already dead
    You wake up screaming my name

    Keep your eyes open wide
    If you are full of pride
    of your thousands of kills in a MAX

    I will not let it slide
    and leave your corpse fried
    if you cheese abusing the tanks

    This is my PlanetSide
    Your fun will be denied
    My C4 will put you to shame

    Carbine burst to the head
    And escape on jump jets
    Unseen I remain all the same

    Iridar, 19 June 2014 :cool:
    I encourage all of you to try yourself at writing, this is my first attempt and I had a lot of fun :)
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  2. Corezer

    read first 3 lines....