Light Assault: What suit slot do you use? Still nanoweave?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Zephyr88, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. cruczi

    I use ASC. I like to do damage opportunistically, and I don't always stay in fights to kill the opponent, but to damage him until my shields go down. That's when I take cover and reposition while the shields recharge, and the faster they recharge, the faster I can get to doing damage again.
  2. Primarch81

    yeah its that or grenades. with how often i jump off stuff to create a new flank, the 6s recharge seems huge. I use drifters mainly, but the stock jets seem to be about 5s worth of air time on full throttle, so by the time its out and your in a new spot, your shields are back up.
  3. Epic High Five

    There are only two options an LA should realistically take: max ammo belt (I can't live without it on my LA) or ASC, which is incredibly good as well (and just as addictive, tough to use anything else on my medic now)
  4. P149U3

    Ammo belt
  5. Zorro

    I use adrenaline pump. I must have all the speed I can get, even if it is marginal.
  6. Duban

    Same. i'm really conservative with my amo too.
  7. DeadliestMoon

    I use Adrenaline Pump for my stealth class.
  8. lilleAllan


    Less time waiting for shield to rechage = More Razoring
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  9. Moisture

    Nanoweave unless I am able to really get freedom of movement in a area, Then Extra Ammo.. VERY often when I do well as a LA my death is caused by running out of ammo. Often Rooftops are contested by other LAs and that means Sudden and unexpected ambushes by people with very close range oriented weapons so I will mostly run Nanoweave for the little bit more survivability
  10. SnatchMaster

    I still run nano weave. If you play the class right, you're not always as exposed to enemy fire, but it does happen, and you're usually in a spot where there is no medic that can reach you. For those situations where you do get caught, you want to survive them. TTKs are way too short in this game not to have it on hand. Flak armor is null, as people don't usually hit flying men with many explosives, and adrenaline pump is a joke (I mean really, sprint speed? I'm flying everywhere, what the hell?). The LA grenades are pretty lackluster, so I wouldn't use that just to throw more smoke, when an engineer can spam those far more effectively. Flash nades suck.

    The ammo pouch is a viable alternative, but only for those extremely confident that they won't need the extra survivability. I personally don't use it, as I mainly support allied positions, so there's usually an engie ammo pack near me and a medic just in case, but if you've got great aim, and you're a super pro ninja then you can roll with the extra ammo. It is NOT something I recommend for beginners at the class, since many of them just fly into a fight and get insta gibbed anyways. Until you learn to effectively out flank enemies, then this one shouldn't be your focus.
  11. Jygal

    I took extra ammo. The mobility of the LA makes survivability that much higher, and survivability means more kills, and more kills means more shots fired, and more shots fired means less ammo. Therefore, extra ammo. Nanoweave? Jump Jets ARE the LA's nanoweave.
  12. Elsewhere

    I am finding when I play LA, I tend to be on rooftops a fair bit and that OHK tank spam ruins my day quickly.
    I run 2 load outs, 1 with nanoweave and 1 with flak that I can switch between quickly depending on where I am fighting.
  13. CptFirelord

    I use Adren pump on all my LA loadouts, don't really have a use for the other ones.
  14. Epic High Five

    I especially like the ammo belt because it makes the X11 spammable, which is when it really shines.

    It's key for non-CQC weapons because it extends the time you can play conservatively, racking up kills and generally being a total pain in the *** like Infils wish they could. Once I'm out of primary ammo, it's on to the pistol knifing spree which is its own kind of fun.

    It synergizes well with a gun like the Razor because the reload is so insanely fast that your uptime is essentially 100%, so even if you're taking shots conservatively (SHAME ON YOU) you're going to blow through ammo. Every other class just has to spam V4 for a couple seconds, but an LA has to run back what is usually a good distance to resupply, then get into position again, all the while being exposed and possibly trailed.

    X11, silencer, laser, HVA, ammo belt. Certopia
  15. Ayre

    Flak. Dying to bouncy-betties in door ways is embarrassing. Blowing yourself up with C4 is even more embarrassing.

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