Light assault tool: Crow bar and hijacking.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Mellow Martian, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Mellow Martian

    Crow bar:
    Used to hijack enemy vehicles and turn them against the enemy.

    Ground vehicle mechanics:

    When next to an enemy vehicle with the crow bar equipped, you will be prompted to hold the key/button that would normally let you enter a vehicle. Takes 6 seconds to hijack any ground vehicle.

    Players in the vehicle will be notified that they're being hijacked and can simply drive away or kill the hijacker.

    If a hijack attempt is successful, the vehicle occupants are kicked out immediately and the hijacker gains control of the vehicle, but with one fairly major downside.

    Since it's new technology, you can't be fluent with how it works. All the vehicles traits are halved eg movement speed, rate of fire, damage and turn speed just to name a few. Also you don't have the option to use vehicle abilities such as Vanguard shield, fire suppression or smoke.

    Another way to prevent your vehicle from getting hijacked:
    Hijack shield: Prevents your vehicle from being able to be hijacked.
    Hijack shield (passive ability): has 5 ranks, each rank increases the time it takes for a successful hijack on your vehicles.

    Air vehicle mechanics:

    1 second for ESFs, 2 seconds for Valkyries and 3 seconds for liberators. Galaxies, can't be hijacked.

    The key point here is that you shouldn't be stupid enough to fly low enough or near a light assault.

    Again, you will be notified of the hijacking and if the hijacker is successful, you will immediately be kicked out of the vehicle. Once again all the vehicles traits have been halved.

    Crow bar upgrades:
    Rank 1 (100 certs): decreases hijack time for ground vehicles by 0.2 seconds and air vehicles by 0.1 seconds.
    Rank 2 (200 certs): decreases hijack time for ground vehicles by 0.4 seconds and air vehicles by 0.2 seconds.
    Rank 3 (400 certs): decreases hijack time for ground vehicles by 0.6 seconds and air vehicles by 0.3 seconds.
    Rank 4 (500 certs): decreases hijack time for ground vehicles by 0.8 seconds and air vehicles by 0.4 seconds.
    Rank 5 (1000 certs): decreases hijack time for ground vehicles by 1.0 seconds and air vehicles by 0.5 seconds.

    Very rough idea, tell me what you think and include suggestions to make this better. Thanks :)
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  2. Demigan

    Although I like the way you circumvent the problem of hijacking occupied vehicles, I think that the vehicle should just function at 100% capacity with all gadgets and things active after you steal it. Give it a new paint-job the moment the hijacking is complete both to prevent friendlies blowing you up and enemies from not being able to recognize an enemy tank.

    Also, deployed Sunderers should be exempt from hijacking.
    Also, there's absolutely no reason why aircraft should be better protected against hijacking. It's basic elitism. The aircraft are already less likely to be empty and can move out of your range in split-second, unlike a tank that might not have the room to get away in time. So adding a bonus of more time to hijack on top of that is a kick in the face. If anything, aircraft should require less time to hack.
  3. Reclaimer77

    There's so many problems with this, I don't even know where to begin.

    It could only possibly work on a COMPLETELY AFK vehicle crew. And even if you pull it off, the vehicle is only 50% useful?

    No offense but I can tell you where you can stick this crowbar idea lol.
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  4. Demigan

    I think that any hacking attempt should preferably be on an empty vehicle rather than an occupied one. 6 seconds hacking time is good, but maybe the warning that you are being hacked should come after 4 sec or so, that gives you two seconds to exit and kill the player after you've had 4 seconds of him standing next to you (after him having to approach you).
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  5. Reclaimer77

    I primarily play LA. So personally the first thing I would do to any vehicle I can get in range of, abandoned or otherwise, is drop C-4 on it.

    It just feels like "hacking" - crowbar or otherwise - is something that Infiltrators should be doing. As an "assault" class, I just want vehicles to explode and burn by my hands while their owners cry all the way back to the spawn tubes.

    Not saying your ideas are bad or anything though man.
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  6. Demigan

    The light assault has been looking for a good role to play in the game since the beginning. An infiltrator would be heavily benefited from mobility, and the LA has therefore done similar things as the infiltrator: Spot people, get behind enemy lines, sabotage (albeit with explosives and flanking attacks).
    I think that the LA could easily expand on this. The Infiltrator hacks terminals to get vehicles, the LA could steal the vehicles itself. It's more aggressive and dangerous for the LA, which seems to fit the style better. Especially stealing vehicles behind some enemies and annihilating them would be my style.
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  7. Armcross

    my C4 works fine
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  8. Demigan

    Option 1: use C4 and blow 1 vehicle up.
    Option 2: steal 1 vehicle (which essentially 'destroys' it for the enemy), then kill some people and vehicles with that vehicle.

    Why is there something wrong with adding more variations of destroying a vehicle? Your argument might as well be "I have one LMG, why do I need more?" Let's remove all weapon variation and have one carbine, one shotgun etc!
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  9. Iridar51

    Who needs weapon classes? just give instagib shock rifle to everyone.
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  10. Metrack12

    How about only hijack empty enemy vehicle?,and 3 seconds to ESF (1 seconds isnt enough in my opinion) after that I love the idea
  11. Carl1879

    Useful if you can kill the vehicle crew as they repair I guess. You could do this in Battlefront 2 as an engineer and it was quite amusing it was incredibly effective on tanks if you could keep up with them and hilarious on fighters as it ejected the pilot, in space battles if you snuck onto the enemy ship you could hack an interceptor in the time it took to take off which ended with the fighter taking off and flying away at the moment it ejects the pilot so the ship would shoot off into space and the pilot would get launched into space too.

    I doubt many players would use it as C4 is quicker and easier and allot of people would still try and kill the tank/etc you hacked because seeing a prowler driven towards say VS players by a VS LA still looks like an attacking prowler most would probably shoot first.
  12. veiledcascade

    Ranks are fine but they should affect the users ability with the vehicle up to 100% function.

    The more often you do something the better you will be at it so why not reflect that in the idea you have. Chances are If I hijack that many Magriders I'm gonna be pretty handy with a magrider before too long.

    Besides real Tanks aren't that hard to drive, Last one I drove had a Steering wheel and a fully automatic gear box and a fairly simple start up procedure....Only issue with real tanks is the size and getting use to that and their real ability is far from sluggish.
  13. AngusPrime

    Honestly, to make this different than hacking, a mechanic where you would "Stick" to the vehicle persay, and visibly pry at it with the Crowbar (Or nanite penetration tool, nanite arc welder, any of the forms it could take) and the crew would have to exit the said vehicle and shoot you off, (Of course crowbarring it open would leave you vulnerable. And the animation to stop doing so would take time.)
  14. McMan

    Crow bar :rolleyes::D
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  15. Beerbeerbeer

    If they gave me a crowbar, I would be much more inclined to whack people across their noggins at vehicle terminals even before they got into their vehicle, instead of waiting for them to get out, whack them on the head then hijack said vehicle.

    In fact, I would fall from the sky, crowbar in hand, and before they could say, "is that a tire iron..." *Thunk* No, it's a crowbar!

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