Light Assault, The only way to go.

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  1. Erendil

    I'm pretty sure he means the Laser Sight. If you're playing LA to its strengths you normally won't be anywhere near the enemy's LoS to begin with so the red beam isn't really an issue (hint: most people don't look up :D ). I pretty much always choose the Laser Sight over the foregrip when playing LA since it increases the range within which the carbine can accurately fire without having to slow down and aim down its scope.

    I'm not familiar w/ the Merc specifically since I've played mainly VS, but the VX6-7 (close range VS carbine) + 3.4x scope + Laser Sight can't be beat for indoor work. The higher RoF puts its damage output thru the roof, and its CoF w/ the Laser Sight is tighter than the default carbine and lets you nail Surfs and Elmos out to ~40m w/o scoping. It's even accurate enough to be fairly usable in mid-flight. I'm sure the NC have an equivalent varient but I dunno its name. If it's the Merc, then yeah you def want to use a Laser Sight w/ it.
  2. Antivide

    Combine your carbine with Silencer for maximum trollage.

    Light Assault is the ultimate trolling class. A good Light Assault is a pain in everyone's butt.
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  3. Siilk

    There are different ways to configure LA loadout, depending on what task you are intending to perform. Regardless of the loadout, absolutely you have to max out your default jetpack cert. It's bread and butter of LA so you have to make it as useful as you possibly can. After that, choose you loadout that suits your play style.

    * grenadier, close range support/demolisher: C4 + 'nade bandoleer + underbarrel 'nade launcher + reflex scope + flash suppressor
    * paratrooper, close range fire support: C4 OR medpack + shield recharge boost + forward grip + silencer + reflex scope; smoke nades optional
    * commando, operating behind the enemy lines: medpack OR regen pack + ammo bandoleer + forward grip + (silencer + reflex scope) OR (flash suppressor + 3.4 scope)

    Using silencer with 3.4 scope is not a wise choice as at that engagement distance, silencing is not important while reduced pullet speed and increased bullet drop would negatively affect your accuracy.

    As for a weapon, during beta times, I preferred D.G-19(or whatever it was called), but I never felt it that much better than a default LA carbine. Attachments are way more important.

    Also this:
  4. Purple

    or in this case die after running out of ammo and trying to knife people.
  5. Purple

    i have found that if you get a good position all you have to do is make sure that whoever you shoot at dies. if they get away then they will try to kill you. so long as you never let anyone get away i dont think the silencer is a must.
  6. Doublefrost

    Silencers help a great deal. Usually when you're on top of a tower full of snipers. Without a silencer, you can shoot a couple rounds before the entire defense turns on you. With it, you can kill three people and start running away before you take any real hits. It's crippling to a defense if you can sit on their firing position, rampage them and make them chase you down for minutes at a time. When they're either dead or hunting you, they're pretty much useless for the rest of the battle around.

    A lot of players react to the sound of weapons fire. Sometimes, a silencer lets you go on a big killing spree right in the middle of enemy defense positions. Particularly at night, if they don't get a good look at you to ID faction. Anything to stay alive long enough to kill the enemy medics, right?
  7. hostilechild

    NO NO, Light Assault are best on the ground in close quarters and should never use their jetpacks. Remember jetpacks are for looks!
  8. Bracki78

    I never liked Tribes... :p
  9. Playful Pony

    As a primarily HA player, LA is easily what I fear most. Snipers, MBTs and Liberators got NOTHING on you wretched LAs! I played primarily LA during BETA and its a hoot. Not very hard to kill one though, if they are not using their jetpack right (or at all!). Luckily most seem to be these days, and that's great! I like a challenge, and it's quite pleasing finally taking care of one that has been harassing your squad.
  10. Bags

    Yes, I cannot handle them being free kills while flying~
  11. LocknLoadnDie

    Sadly many people have a poorly misguided belief that the LA is a terrible class that brings nothing to gameplay, yet when they are getting killed by troops in a higher position, its the LA's in the group that save the day by taking them out.

    LA and Infiltrator is how I roll. I will do Heavy Assault occasionally but I dislike it. I get just as many, if not more, kills as an LA and I have taken out all classes including maxes.

    LA is a class anyone can play, but only few are actually good at. My hats off to good LA players of ALL factions.
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  12. Doublefrost

    Vertical envelopment is a key tactic in real life armies around the world. Anyone that thinks LA doesn't bring anything to the table is a number of rude things that I will instead describe as being simply misguided.

    Galaxies may be able to do that on a strategic level but it takes Light Assault to do it on a tactical level.
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