Light assault, for the little people

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anteep, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Anteep

    It's the class for midgets. Discuss.
  2. wtfhax

    You are doing a pretty good job trolling the forums...
  3. Snappy

    It's one of Snappy's favorite classes, has nothing to do with little people however.
  4. Siilk

  5. DFDelta

    It is the class for awesome people who don't need good guns or shields to kick ***.
  6. Amig

    overcompensating for there "shortage" by constantly climbing to high places.
  7. FieserMoep

    Those HAs cant accept that we are above them. xD
  8. RoosterNE

    LA are great. I think OP was confused between LA and Infiltrator. Now those are bottom feeders.
  9. Hekyl

    Ive been to LA I didnt see any midgets... :confused:
  10. EmineNc3

    with a nicely upgraded jetpack, the sky is your playground.

    I dont know how many times ive been engaged by 2-3 enemies and i run outside and jetpack above them.
    Most never realise im above them until its too late.
    I love Lights. Upgrade your weapon and scope to NV and let the good times roll
  11. RaubritterAK

    Midgets can't wear jetpacks. It would burn their tooshies.
  12. TheShotgun

    LA are midgets cause their in short supply.....