Launchpad doesn't load at all (Process quits instantly)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by EliteEagle, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. EliteEagle

    So I downloaded Planetside through Steam and after it installs Directx nothing happens. Launchpad.exe shows up in processes for about 5 seconds along with two awesomium_process.exe which both quit after a few seconds. I don't get any error messages or anything.

    What I've Tried:
    I've tried verifying the game integrity and tried running the launchpad directly as an administrator. I also tried to install via the PS2_Launcher.exe but that quits after installing Directx and doesn't even download the game files. I've deleted the Appdata/Locallow/Sony Online Entertainment folder and reinstalled.

    Nothing is working and it is really frustrating. I've seem some other threads around about Launchpad not working but it stays in the processes, THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH ME. The processes close within a few seconds.

    Anyone else having this problem or have any solutions?
  2. Laith

    I'm having the same problem,
    I downloaded "PS2_setup.exe" and chose the default directory.
    Then when I press install the window closes and the icon appears on the desktop.
    Then the directX installer window pops ups, I follow instructions and press Finish.
    Then nothing happens, I try opening the Planetside 2.exe file but nothing happens.

    Can anyone please help? its seriously frustrating indeed.
  3. EliteEagle

    We're not the only ones with this problem. I have come across a bunch of other people with the exact same issue. I have an open ticket with the SOE tech support and they have been giving me suggestions that haven't worked yet. I will update this thread if we figure out the problem.
  4. DrBeta

    Same here, downloaded the install.exe, got the directx install prompt, installed and finished, then nothing. Tried the Planetside 2 shortcut on my desktop, nothing. :(
  5. kallin

  6. Rayner

    I have the exact same problem.
    I've tried downloading though both the official site and steam.
    I've preformed every possible fix from every forum I could find and nothing has helped.
    If I happen to find a fix that works I'll post it here.
    (Also was not in the beta)
  7. HighPiez

    Bump, i have this problem now and i have already downloaded the game 3 times. Has anyone found a solution?

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  8. Kar-Chee

    I have the same problem. To specify:
    This is a new PC with fresh install of windows
    Planetside 2 was downloaded via Steam
    I was able to get into the game several times but it has always crashed in a 10 minutes
    I restarted

    And now launchpad stops immediately. [IMG]
    After this screen it just closes without notification

    I have also created support ticket with msinfo and dxdiag a while ago. Under number 121207-000773
  9. Dubious

    Tried more than 1 time?
    Cause the 2nd time usual works for me..
  10. Kar-Chee

    Tried bazilion times with numerous restarts, drivers reinstalations etc...
  11. js10credible

    Same issue, here's a thread similar to this where I have detailed what I've done and how I feel about this.

    I see little to do since only simple stuff or unimportant stuff seems to even get responded to. It's literally too difficult for even a community rep to come into a thread like this and say, 'Yes, this is a known issue, which is why we had a stickied thread asking for logs. We do not currently have a solution and this is lower priority than a lot of the other current issues with the game but it is something we will get to.'

    No, we don't even deserve that, apparently. I sure feel like SOE wants me as a customer, let me tell you.
  12. hurrakan

    Same problem here.

    And also these threads:

    I checked in the Launchpad logs and it looks like it tries to load a .dll file but fails because the dll does not exist:

    Failed to pre-load the awesomium dll into memory, dll=./LaunchPad.libs/Awesomium.dll, dllLoadError=The specified module could not be found.
    StateEnterInitializingEngine - Failed to initialize web core.
    RequestShutdown - Shutdown requested, reason=InitWebCoreFailed

    The only dll file in that folder is icudt42.dll. The only "Awesomium" file is AwesomiumProcess.exe.
  13. js10credible

    See, I don't get any error messages at all save for it saying in the logs that it can't delete the log folder. I've looked at all the files that people are having issues with that are missing, I am missing none of them.
  14. hurrakan

    I already tried deleting the log folder and it just recreates it again, so that's probably not the problem.
  15. Windrune

    Hi guys, I'm having the same problem, this is the best I could figure, it's obviously a download client problem, no MMO game weights 7 MB I was looking for the whole game client to download and it's about 6GB, My connection is not great so if anyone else is willing to give this a try

    Also I was thinking, why would sony not fix this problem with their 7MB download client? well perhaps it's because they can't handle the amount of new players since it became free, so instead of saying: Hey we screwed up our servers, can't add more players. they just willingly mess the installer and give NO REAL RESPONSE to any person having the issue.
  16. TrionWork

    My problem with LaunchPad solved. Awesomium.dll - which in some reasons missed...
    Put this dll in "PlanetSide 2\LaunchPad.libs\" and its works fine.
    I upload my dll here:

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