Lattice small outfit action - tips...

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Want your small outfit action back on lattice conts?
    It's all about changing up your tekkerz...

    Here is some tips to get your squad leaders started...

    1. Get infil and HIDE from the Zerg in a bsse that they are flipping over.

    2. Wait for the Zerg to pull their vehicles and Zerg off and have your whole squad ready to redeploy.

    3. Enter the base, deploy beacon, summon your entire squad.

    4a. Hack the vehicle term, equip term, get ready for an infantry battle... Pull and hide AMS somewhere smart.

    5a. Cap a point or two or try and retake the base.

    RESULT: You will either cap the base, or be successful in getti g the ENTIRE ZERG to come back to the base. Win either way.


    4b. Pull MASS ARMOR, and hit the enemy tank Zerg column from behind. Get the weak armor advantage of a flanking attack. Decimate your Zerg enemy.

    It's about getting the Zerg to waste their time travelling, or circumventing them entirely.
    If you are lucky friendlies will see the AMS in enemy base and start spawning en masse on your location, which is also win :)

    I have managed to get the Zerg to turn around SINHLEHANDEDLY using these tekkerz, you can too. Force the enemy to make bad use of their numbers and Zerg mentality.

    Any other tips please post :)