Last Repair Tool rank worth?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Swooped, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Swooped

    Is the last rank of the repair tool a big upgrade? I was thinking of starting to cert out my lib but i'll finish this if its a big deal.
  2. ElSuerte Diego

    Yeah, it's a pretty big. Getting the extra repair amount and decreased time is very helpful. As a bonus, you can deconstruct enemy tank mines. This is especially handy for doing EOD next to your deployed sundy, and deconstructing mines is a directive goal.
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  3. Griffstar

    I wish there was more stuff we could build, like extra walls on objectives or bridges and stuff. Sometimes I feel like the class rolls don't have enough options.
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  4. Bixli

    ..absolutely worth it , a must to go for an' serious engi.
  5. WyrdHarper

    It's well worth the cost. You repair a MAX from pretty much dead to 100% in one over heat cycle, and repair something like ~45% of gens per overheat cycle at MAX, which is very handy (in addition to keeping vehicles alive--you can out Repair Per Second a lot of damage with the maxed tool). Not to mention that you can deconstruct tank mines.

    If you want to support your team, maxing out the ammo pack and repair tool are an absolute must.
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  6. TKBoom

    Totally worth it! As mentioned, you can repair a MAX from nothing to full in one cycle. You can repair a destroyed tower turret in two cycles once you get the timing right.
  7. cruczi

    No timing needed. Just watch the turret HP circle, once it fills the halfway health bar, the next recharge will repair it to full.
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  8. Crayv

    List of things you should definitely get over time once you get the certs.

    Max rank med tool
    Max rank repair tool
    Max rank heal aura
    Max rank Jump Jets

    It's one of those once you get it, you got it and don't have to worry about it again.
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  9. DrBash00

    YES! If some engie drop tank mines under your sunderer and you manage to kill him....
    Without high tier repair tool, so need to wait for some random to acting smart.

    *hahahahaha* randoms acting smart, always a good one ;-)

    So go for it, and repair everything ;-)