last patch FPS has gone to hell!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by topgunsmurf, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. topgunsmurf

    I have x2 2080tis 9900k and Last patch has totally killed my FPS... since the first patch where i could run at 4k ultra in a zerg at 100+ fps or 1080p ultra at 200 fps the last patch has me going down to 40 fps at 1080p on everything on low shadows particle effects the lot! sometimes even lower... basically it has put my pc back massively.. the system is BRAND new and TOP of the line ... one card for PS2 one for OBS when i stream.. even without streaming its the same ... this has NOTHING to do with my system and is totally on daybreak devs as far as i can work out.
    Has anyone else taken a massive hit on fps on the last patch here?
  2. Beerbeerbeer

    Not me. In fact the micro-stuttering has improved.

    Maybe it’s the SLI setup? Can you disable one card and try?
  3. AlcyoneSerene

    Still microstuttering here. Sometimes worse, other times not so noticeable. Haven't found any potential sources, vehicle zergs in general, or lots of action. DX11 has a long way to go. Used to be unbelievably smooth DX11 PTS release day.
  4. Magma52

    Decided to leave the game until the stuttering and FPS drops post-DX11 were resolved. Very disappointed to hear that it's not fixed, and possibly made even worse. I think it's possible that it may never be fixed...
  5. ObiVanuKenobi

    I'm getting better frames with a laptop, you must've something configured incorrectly.
  6. typnct

    until yesterday i didnt have any micro stutters, today it was literally unplayable
    it felt like my pc tries to run arma 3 at 10k render
  7. vonRichtschuetz

    RTX2070, i5-9700K - microstutters only once or twice per full-gaming-day for maybe 3-5 seconds each.
  8. AlcyoneSerene

    Playing vehicles for an extended period of time and the microstuttering becomes outright constant choppiness even when back to infantry, making everything nearly unplayable short of a restart, which isn't easy to do during an alert with population queues.

    Also, the mini-freeze on kills or getting killed still happens as infantry, again after an extended play session, very annoying as you lose a lot of time during such engagements.
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  9. BorgUK1of9

    I came on here to find out why my FPS has gone to hell.

    P57 Gaming laptop with GTX 1070 and 32gb of RAM, I have no other problems on any other games.

    Right now my FPS is running about 30-55 on nothing special settings but laggy as crap and unplayable.

    What did they do ?

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