Last Chance (But it is to late)

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    Arena was not your last chance, the game what no one asked for (with dead H1Z1 on background). Why you didn't use popular streamers and youtubers as primary advertising tool for planetside?

    This days this is the most effective way of attracting new players, just pay some guy to show your game for his auditory. You actually have something really unique, you only one company in the world who have technology what allow ~1000 peoples to play on the same map at the same time with acceptable perfomance. No one ever done this, no one. Just look at battlefields, what his max? 64? 128? Pathetic. Look at Escape from Tarkov, this ****** game struggle to host a medium size map for 12 ******* people without lags, disconnects and desyncs. Pubg have 100 peoples max and it is laggy as ****, the only savior fact for them is what 1/3 dies in first minutes.

    For example let's take a look on youtube user Ssethtzeentach, he made hilarious, high quality reviews for games, look at his last "Underrail" "Starsectror" and "Space Station 13" vids, this is amazing, masterpiece internet art. And as we see in his video, before review Space Station had ~300 online (timecode 2:02 if you lazy to actually learn ways what possibly can save you), now it is ~1500... 6 months later after he released this video, which is still impressive for such niche title.

    The main problem of planetside is: no one knows about planetside. Like seriously, the people with I talked about it just didn't know what such game really exists. Please if you have resources try to attract some famous shooter streamers. Or even ask Sseth to make a review for Planetside 2. But we all know what it is to late for such suggestion.

    This is sad to understand what we never ever see a game like this.
  2. Exileant

    o_O He is not wrong. A lot of people I talk to about the game, are dumbstruck it actually exists. :D They are hooked the moment I tell them you can cloak vehicles, the game is free to play and it is a multiplayer that does not really lag. It is not much longer after they unlock the Liberator, "Kill Streak Device" in Call of Duty, that they scramble for their wallets for extra turrets. :eek: Some Adds on Youtube and Netflix would perk this game right back up as far as additional players are concerned.

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