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  1. Ghostloadout

    I have quite a few loadouts for my LA and different styles of play. One for carbines, one for shotguns, one for SMGs with different variations on them.
    I do favor very accurate skill rewarding weapons in most of my loadouts, because I have the ability to headshot people at pretty much any range, especially when taking them by surprise. I use all weapons when I feel like it though.

    I own 7 loadout slots so I can select everything I want at a moments notice; I'll explain my reasoning for the setups as well. I try to capitalize on LAs freedom of movement and the ability to both take enemies by surprise as well as put them in uncomfortable situations where they will suffer lowered effectiveness. One thing that is imperative is recognizing what class and weapon type your enemy is using before engaging them. Another very powerful skill is situational awareness. You'd think it'd be common sense to shoot the guy in the back, not the one in front, but many LA players have tunnel vision. They attack the first enemy they see, not the most threatening one. With that said, comments on LA weapons and items.

    • Hi-cap Semi - I use this with extended mag to mow down large groups of enemies without having much reaction time from them. (As an added bonus with ammo belt you get a total of 96 rounds to spam)
    • Full Auto - When a base is over-saturated with medics and heavies; I'll drop down on the medics first and then transition targets over to the heavies.
    • Low Spread Semi - I only use this in small battles, getting a OHK off a headshot works very well 1v1 in surprise scenarios, but falls short with more enemies around.
    • 1st Gen Pump - This is my general use PA, it's less forgiving than the semi-autos and requires more accuracy and looses a huge amount of DPS, but gains the ability to OHK on body shot. (Great for "SURPRISE" moments.)
    • 2nd Gen Pump - One of the least forgiving weapons in the entire game in my opinion, identical to the 1st gen, except for the fact that it has lower cyclic fire rate, higher spread, but has an additional pellet. (Only really great against Nanoweave enemies.)
    • "Rooftop Weapon" - Any highly accurate weapon that can take advantage of high ground, this goes great when paired with AVSC or ammo belt for greater staying power.
    • "Support Weapon" - The "S/SF" variant for any carbine, particulary the trac-5 S being the best, when a UBGL is equipped it can be much easier to kill MAXes and heavies, along with infy blobs. When squad leading, having an UBSL equipped can be extremely potent allowing your zerglings to advance into a facility without taking much fire; it also has a similar effect on randoms, using the "grow a pair syndrome." (Coined by Wrel)
    • "Ambush Weapon" - Any close quarters high-DPS carbine that can be used to easily take out high HP enemies before they have time to react, if paired with nanoweave, you can fight most classes head-on and win. Ammo belt helps to supplement the staying power of a class as well, AVSC allows you to engage earlier than normal, resulting in more kills, this takes significantly more skill than nanoweave however.
    • 1st Gen - These all are competent weapons for high-accuracy players, but for a newer player they are very difficult to use. They allow for very careful planned assassinations of HVTs I.E. medics/engys/infs due to high DPS and mobility, low magazine size limits them to at most 1v2 engagements in most scenarios. (VS Eridani is terrible as an SMG. Don't buy.)
    • 2nd Gen - Probably one of more forgiving weapons in the LA weapon pool, this is so because of the high magazine capacity as well as high RoF, when combined with good hip-fire accuracy it becomes a pure death machine. Low skill floor and high skill ceiling makes it ideal for pretty much any user wanting to buy his/her first SMG.
    • NS-7 PDW - Honestly this may be one of my favorite weapons in the game because of it's massive skill cap and floor. For new players you will often times find yourself being outgunned by heavies particularly, this can be overcome by careful headshots in hip-fire engagements. This is also THE best suppressed weapon in the game, because of it's non-ES sound it normally makes enemies ignore you when they see no red dot on the minimap. The range debuffs are not overly massive either. (It also works as a watered down carbine for INFs.)
    Suit Slot
    • AVSC - Can work very well for any setups not containing resto/med kits or nanoweave. (I use this on most of my surprise loadouts.) *Beware heavies*
    • Nanoweave - Only use this when resto/med kits are equipped or else you will not be able to get the benefits of the suit slot in every engagement, unlike AVSC.
    • Ammunition Belt - I find this slot is only really worth it in base attacks, where often times nanoweave is a better choice when using a shotgun. It does sync well with most LA weapons.
    • Default - The best JJs for general use and flanking routes, great for offense and defense combined.
    • Drifters - Great fun when combined with a hi-cap semi auto shotgun and nanoweave/ammo belt, fun and effective on defense, but rather lackluster without any way of gaining height. (Drifting around corners in bases I currently would not advise as it ruins your COF on most weapons.) *Maxed Turbo flash is your best friend for gaining height.*
    • C4 - When using C4 I always run either ammo belt or AVSC, I feel no need to keep my K/D over my current 1.79, nanoweave is simply not as effective when no healing items are available, as you do not receive the benefits in every firefight.
    • Resto/Med Kits - I only use resto/med kits when nanoweave is equipped, often times the extra 250 HP is all you need to wreck a heavy's day, and with resto/med kits you can do it 5 times without resupplying.
    • Flash - Right now flash grenades are a bit annoying to use but can have their moments when breaching through doors and into rooms, on the other hand they are basically more gimmicky concussion grenades. Typically the best complement weapons are shotguns for quick dispatchment of enemies before the flash wears off.
    • Frag - The most solid choice for the LA, it allows your to toss one into a room and mop up the remaining enemies before they have time to react, this does produce the red grenade indicator unlike the flashbang or smoke.
    • Smoke - Refer to Support Weapon heading. The problem with these grenades is that they have a timed fuse before they smoke. Of course this is a double edged sword, the delay allows you to prepare an attack or it could also mean being rushed before your smoke screen can conceal you. This also allows it to be bounced into doors, allowing previously inaccessible to now plant a smoke screen straight into. This also does not appear on the minimap upon firing, unlike the UBSL.
    And now for the trolling loadout... my 7th slot. I'm a terrible person.
    • Carbine with UBGL
    • Grenade bandolier + frags
    • 2 bricks of C4
    • ... Profit...?
    Prepare for the ********.
  2. Iridar51

    Great guide.
    Didn't really understood what this meant. A typo?
  3. Ghostloadout

    Whoops, meant to say heavies. *Fixed*
    Thanks for catching that.
  4. Sandpants

    Is it that rudimentary to run ASC with med kits?

    C4 are nice and all, but on my server if there is a tank, there are 16 tanks right behind it. Killing 1 won't do a damn. So I just kill all the support. I find the tenacity a massive element, with a fast shield recharge delay and 4 med kits, unless I just run head on into a zerg I find that I live through less conservative fights.

    I pretty much delegated C4 to a smoke nade build where I smoke a room full of maxes and C4 them. I could use flashes but quite frankly, the smoke seems denser wherever you throw it and cheaper.
  5. Kulantan

    I disagree with the nano+ASC opinion. Having both means a high recovery guerrilla style (often with shotty for ending ambushes before they know what is going on). Sure you get less health per resource then, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea.
  6. Ghostloadout

    The main reason I really don't like AVSC + Medkits is because you are loosing about 50% possible effectiveness for your resources, like you said. But on the other hand resto kits heal a fixed amount of HP over time, thus they would be better with AVSC. I see no huge reason to use resto kits over medkits besides popping one before you engage a large group for some medic style HP regen, they are just not as effective in most scenarios.

    Everything is really up to you as far as loadouts, I just normally get out of most situations before I take HP damage. That's even on Mattherson where everyone you see is upwards of BR 70. As to the Tank columns; sometimes taking out a lead tank will lead to confusion, thus allowing your forces to harass down the rest of the tanks. It's an almost fool-proof strategy when dealing with large zergfits, which there is no shortage of on Mattherson.
  7. Kulantan

    I agree that the loss of effectiveness is pretty nasty. However, the only reason I'd ever use the ASC is to get back into the fight quicker when away from support. The medkits fill the same kind of roll so stacking them give you an even quicker/more complete recovery after fights. If you were behind enemy lines killing snipers and others who were distracted camping something, I can see definite benefits to ASC+medkits. Partly because you aren't expecting much head to head fighting, only evading anyone who realizes and chases you.
  8. Sandpants

    I thought Resto kits healed 85% of max HP over time rather than a fixed amount...

    Always figured I it was bit absurd how difficult it is to kill a heavy with resist shield, resto kit, and a medic heal torching him and having its aura active.
  9. oherror

    Pretty much spot on. I love using smoke plus a full auto shotgun with IR.
  10. R3dBeaver

    I got a question. ACS vs NW. what's the difference again?

    they said NW is now nerfed, and will refund, but mine isn't refunded yet.
  11. a4555in

    All 'balance' changes are only proposed, they will be implemented in coming weeks.
    The big ~2GB patch you got is the optimization patch.