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  1. Zaros

    The somewhat recent nerf to the Kuwa may have been justifiable in the eyes of the players being dropped by this gun. Now that it's been out for a while, and with the recent nerf, players have learned to counter this weapon with another infantry vs infantry weapon and it's under-performing compared to the other weapons in the NSO arsenal which by the way, is not much weaponry for the NSO.

    Trouble of the Kuwa
    With a 30 wound magazine size, you will be able to engage between two or five targets at a time
    before being dropped yourself because of not only the acquisition time it takes to move your red dot but also
    the wind up mechanic that it still has from it's counter-part the Yumi. Five targets if the right conditions exist such as the targets are not focusing on you and/or extended magazine which is +5 rounds also, assuming you are making every round count and the targets are just standing there.
    SOLUTION: Increase magazine size between 60-90 rounds with or without extended magazine and remove wind up mechanic. Keep bloom effect when aiming down sight.

    Being fully auto is a gimmick that the Kuwa received as a directive weapon compared to it's counter-part the Yumi.
    The problem with this gimmick, being fully auto, is that it still retains the bloom effect when holding down the trigger, when aiming down sight, rendering this gun to loose it's accuracy that it should've retained from it's counter part the Yumi as well as the description of the Kuwa itself. When pieing the corner, if you wind up the gun too soon, the first two to five shots will be accurate but hit nothing and you will be forced to hold down the trigger for the full auto effect of the Kuwa but rendering your shots inaccurate because of the bloom that every auto weapon has when aiming down sight. If you wind up the Kuwa too late when pieing the corner, the target on the other side, assuming they are not using the Yumi, they will have the advantage and a higher chance of dropping you because their weapon doesn't have the wind up mechanic.
    SOLUTION: Remove the bloom effect when when going full auto while aiming down sight and remove the wind up mechanic. Keep the magazine size to 30 or 35 with extended magazine.

    As of right now, the Kuwa is utter garbage, one could get a kill or two but you will be under-performing with this directive weapon. Before the damage nerf, the Kuwa was on par with the Naginata and the NS-15, but with just the damage nerf, it has dropped to the point where I no longer use the Kuwa which is a shame because it's literally a grind to unlock because as an NSO directive weapon, NSO are only able to use NS weapons. Don't even get me started with NSO not having Max suit, MBT, ESF, not being paid by the faction as mercenaries tend to get paid and being forced to help the lowest pop which has a higher chance of loosing Continent Lock Alert, thus, NSO players being cucked.
  2. Zaros

    This 'faction' seems like a lost cause. Good concept, but it was rushed and thus, NSO players are being cucked. Majority of the players, if not all, that gave their opinion about this gun were players in the receiving end of this gun. And of course, DayBreak just blindly nerfed this gun, which was on par with not only the Naginata and the NS-15 but also the Orion from the VS, Anchor from the NC and lastly, MSW-R from the TR. The Kuwa, a gun that could compete with these three faction specific weapons, can no more.

    From what I am aware of from this date 6/12/2019, only three players including myself has unlocked the Kuwa. There may be a few more players that have unlocked it but I doubt its no more than 15 players that have unlocked the Kuwa. DayBreak could answer this but highly doubtful.

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