Know Your Enemy: Recognizing Cloak Sound

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klondor, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Klondor

    I made this mainly for new players who are having difficulty learning the sounds of battle. I'm probably gonna turn this into a little series. Hopefully this helps some of the newbies out. Just something simple.
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  2. Knife

    Thank you! This is very helpful!
  3. Klondor

    You are most welcome, check out my channel, you'll find some funny, and possibly inspiring stuff! I recommend: "Hunter"
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  4. Sil4ntChaozz

    Thanks! I spend a lot of time in VR with volume up trying to identify different sounds so when i hear it in battle i can react to it appropriately. I recently killed a middle rank LA about four times because i could hear his drifter jet, and possibly luck because weapons are notoriously inaccurate while jetting around. But i still heard him! So i get points for that.

    Anyway, extremely helpful my sensitive hearing finally has use.
    And after the fourth time i killed him i didn't get a tell but he switched to a long-range infil fit and sniped me from a tower. So i think i was successful.
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  5. The Rogue Wolf

    You can't over-emphasize the importance of sound in this game. Learning the unique sounds of weapons, cloaking, and callouts can give you a serious edge over the enemy. Not too long ago I tracked down and killed a Stalker Infiltrator through sound- not through a callout or the cloak field, but by the sound of his pistol reloading as I was standing near him.
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  6. Campagne

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  7. breeje

    been playing this game over 3 years now and i still can't distinguish the NC cloak from the VS cloak
    no trouble when i hear a TR cloak but those NC vs VS sounds are to similar
    maybe it's my hearing or maybe DBG needs to change the sound a little
    even in the movie from klondor i can't hear the difference

    it's not a problem for me when i play TR but if i play NC or VS i have always trouble to recognize allies from enemy from sounds
    unless it's a TR infill
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  8. Calisai

    I tracked a hunter infil yesterday based on sound, he would have easily gotten away if it hadn't been for the constant cycling of his depleted cloak. He would duck around a rock and decloak/recloak to gain a bit of charge, but because of that, I was able to keep track of him, even though I lost sight of him.

    I've killed so many infils while driving my Magrider because I hear their cloaking or sniper rifle shots (even silenced) while driving past their hiding spots. Being able to hear the clomp clomp of a scat-max in the next room, knowing the different sounds of each weapon. (IE, being able to track infantry based on their primary weapon sounds) Hearing the sounds of battle and being able to flank using it. Hearing a vulcan/MJ harasser while they are firing in order to track them.

    Sound is a huge part of the nebulous "situational awareness" that veteran players talk about. It mostly comes with experience to be able to recognize the sounds for what they are, and knowing what sounds you can ignore (Like your own factions infil decloak)

    I never could play with music on... It limits my awareness so much that I feel like i'm at a huge disadvantage.
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  9. HamOnRye

    Ham's easy guide to cloaker sounds:

    Wet fart = VS
    Whisper = TR
    Techno Riff = NC
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  10. DirArtillerySupport

    Tell ya what makes a huge difference is a speaker in every corner of the room right up near the ceiling pointing at my head. There can be a sunderer horn blowing party going on and I can still hear a lone cloaker telling me exactly where he is both in direction and distance.
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  11. Nintyuk

    TF2 spy hunting instincts taught me this early on but thankyou for making this
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  12. BurntMyWater

    This is why the last thing you want to do as infil is spam your cloak. The sound gives you away to every enemy in the area. Heck, you might be better off running around uncloaked.
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  13. Knife

    Hey, you wouldn't happen to have been from Dust 514 would you?
  14. Knife

    You don't need to reload a knife :D
  15. Sil4ntChaozz

    Yup. parkour practitioner. I hated that name. This is my forum char, my in-game are listed below. You on PC...?
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  16. Knife

    This is XxBlazikenxX! How's it going! Yes I'm on pc, got a new laptop recently and I don't own a PS4.
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  17. Sil4ntChaozz

    Dude! Um, I'm good ish. You? I'm looking into PC myself, have an old laptop that I'm trying to get working while looking into a rig. But for now it's PS4.

    I knew you typeage looked familiar.
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  18. Knife

    I'm doing great, got a pretty decent laptop. It's no alienware but it gets the job done. Would have cost $700 but one of my relations got it half off because of their job.
  19. Ryme_Intrinseca

    NC and VS even sound evil!

    One of the easter eggs the devs put in to say TR are the good guys :cool:
  20. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Does anyone else use sound to identify how many rounds the enemy has in the mag? Like if an NC infil starts blazing I'll pop out of cover sooner if it's a Cyclone than a Blitz.