k/d farming,and methods

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    so i tried farming for k/d recently and my best try so far today resulted 4 as an average,the method i used is sniping,mostly switching from longshot and sas-r depend on range and situation,i also tried some other method such as spawn camping HEAT spam,and rocketpodding, both doesnt compare much to sniping in term of risk and reward,heat camping dont do much since the target dont wanna go out,rocketpodding is ok but i always die to other esf ganking me,so tell me what am i missing and is there are any other way to farm k/d and pls share me some of the method you know.
  2. Vikingo

    Playing in the mornings and early afternoon does wonders for your KDR, none of those pesky coordinated tactical outfits to deal with.
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  3. ZeroErrorz

    amen ,thats true most of the time
  4. Irathi

    if you play smart you can achieve good K/D any time of the day. - smart includes abandoning futile fights where your odds of making it out of the shield are slim
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  5. Prudentia

    Light assault, CQC Carbine, ASC
    now you just go where the zerg isn't and watch hordes of enemy die infront of your advanced laser sight while they have their back turned to you.
  6. andy_m

    I really enjoy sniping, so that has helped to improve my K/D no end.

    But that is not why I go sniper. Personally, I'm not interested in boosting K/D or SPM if it ruins the enjoyment of my game.
  7. ZeroErrorz

    welp it actualy kinda work,i remembered gunning down 8 guys on A point of crown by just using my gd-7f and crouching on the roof stair looking toward the point room.
    spoiler:i go sniper cos i want paint my killboard like mustarde while i enjoy sniping, i kinda love air abit more but im not gonna fly as often until coyote got nerfed.
  8. FieldMarshall

    Stay in spawn with SAS/Longshot (depending on range) = Infinite KD.
    Redeploy at 12 seconds.
  9. ZeroErrorz

    thats boring,i rather have some risk to keep my adrenaline
  10. Huxer

    So, normal ways people farm k/d right? Like HE MBT firing at a tower base? Like Lib spam when your faction has air superiority? Sniping anyone? LA tower gnats? Spawn room warroirs? BioFarms? LOLpods? Almost any time you get into a MAX suit? take your pick, all you need to do is pick the method that they can't do much about and take advantage, or how about you just playthe game and don't worry about KDR so much. After all, once your start to play the game for the points I'm just going to shoot you anyways.
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  11. FieldMarshall

    I agree. But that's probably the safest way to pad your KD.

    Playing sniper normally is also nice.
    Though there is little risk in cloak-peeking, atleast you're not immortal.
  12. andy_m

    And as much as some peeps loathe others doing that, there are loads of spawn room snipers at the smaller outposts...
  13. Thrasis

    One or the other if you're farming solo. Good k/d solo is a function of unfair advantages. Those advantages minimize risk and thus create a good k/d.

    Choose your poison.

    I much prefer a terrible k/d and actually accomplishing objectives that give me ribbons and advance the board state for my faction. That's called a game. If I wanted a great k/d I'd stop playing and go fishing instead. Fish can't kill me but I get a lot of them.
  14. Randomplayer11

    Farming k/d means you dont help alot your team :D you just care about your own stats.
    You dont wona risk your k/d so you usless at this game .
  15. ZeroErrorz

    o yea ?, when i pull my reaver a2g loadout, i can hold the enemy in a base to continue attacking and focusing on my while at the same time i got some nice k/d same goes for sniping, as for sniping i can stop my enemy from blowing up my faction sundy (i quick scoped a HA today who were about to shoot his rocket at my burning sundy sundy)i stop snipers from doing long range suppresion, and lastly when im on lightning today i farmed some dudes and saw a magrider and some lighning then proceding to blow them in the *** resulting some sweet vehicle kill.
    so tell me is k/d farming is bad ?, i never stay inside spawn room and snipe cos thats not how you play the game.

    also pls dont tell me about objectives, i could care less about them, what do you get from it ? compared to the personal feel of achivement when you open up your char on stat site with alot of clean green (kill) in it.
  16. Huxer

    Sharks can.
  17. Ravenorth

    Just play cleverly and you dont have to worry about your k/d, its just stupid to limit your gameplay experience because of something like that.
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  18. ZeroErrorz

    idk about that, i like sniping and currently coyote still op soo if i have to pick the hardchoice....
  19. Vikingo

    Depends what you like, I personally do not feel any satisfaction of having a record of me shooting fish in a barrel without challenge.

    My satisfaction comes from fighting against and winning a challenging battle against equally organised enemies, taking the base and routing the enemy force.

    Stat padders say what is the point in taking a base, it will flip back to the enemy sooner or later, well then what is the point of seeking kills? it takes 10 seconds for the enemy to get back in the fight again with full hitpoints and loadout....
  20. Thrasis

    It's amazing how many ways there are to play this game.

    3 guys are forming up outside a flag room. Do you rush in first right in front of them and take the death so they can take the flag? Do you let them go in first so you can get a kill or two before you die and don't take the flag? Does your decision change if one of them is a Medic who might revive you? Or do you go look for a better location to farm k/d?