Just got the striker on my TR alt...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lucidius134, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Lucidius134

    I don't get it.

    It feels like a ****** stocket launcher (stock RL) with really iffy lock on potential? It seems like it has lower over all damage vs. ground vehicles/maxes/infantry while requiring you to stay exposed and shoot for a few seconds.

    Is it only good in mass vs. air and ground vehicles??? If so I don't really see how it's any more efficient than massed g2a/annihilators.
  2. RedArmy

    the Striker is s great weapon, for new and advanced alike -
    it does 200dmg a rocket and shoots 6 rockets, thats 1200dmg with a full clip.
    Miss one Decimator? thats 0 damage
    Miss one Striker? thats 1000 damage.
    its main purpose is for deturance, you can keep alot of people away with even small explosions.
    but they really need to make it also autolock on ground vehicles too. its pretty useless otherwise.
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  3. Kaindestroi

    if you main was TR and not just your alt you would get it.
    it shoots red rockets, not any blue or purple crap
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  4. Lucidius134

    Ya, i find it not that easy to lead moving/turning targets for 6 shots so unless it's a sundy it seems like i just lose damage more frequently. Gotta stay exposed to shoot tanks which is a giant "I'm right here come blow me up" siren. And unless you have more than 1 it doesn't seem that great at air either? The COF doesn't help.
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  5. xMaxdamage

    nothing to understand about the striker, OP. this weapon is garbage.

    completely useless versus infantry and maxes.

    bad versus ground armor at short range because of the absurd exposure time, bad at medium range because you need to semi-auto it in order to hit the enemy, completely destroying the already bad dps of this launcher.

    the sole purpose of this weapon is anti-air, but a standard G2A rocket launcher will do just the same, and still be dumb-fireable with 1hko infantry properties and pmuch no exposure time.
    you can't hit distant objectives unless you semi auto it, and forget to hit moving ESF, unless they are flying in your direction without firing.

    I have alts in very empire and I never-ever wish I had my striker on my VS or NC, while I always miss my lancer on my TR.
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  6. OldMaster80

    That's pure thoery. In practice it's very different, but you can know that only if you actually tried the Striker. Rockets are so slow, and the bullet drop is so high that you never hit with all the rockets. Even hitting aircraft (with the soft lock-on effect) requires an insane skill. Or the enemy is just hovering like an idiot.
    I'd be happy if I could miss only 1 missile out of 6, but it's more often that I miss 3-4 out of 6. And the damage dealt to tanks is completely ridicolous. You could have 3 Strikers focusing on 1 MBT and being unable to stop it.

    The only good thing is the lock time is almost zero so you get a lot of assist and you can hopefully deliver the final blow to smoking aircraft, but that's just all.
    And it's not even effective on infantry.

    I understand why they changed it and I like the new model, but it's just a bad choice compared to the other rocket launchers.
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  7. Lucidius134

    You'd think it would do annihilator-ish damage but have no cof/high projectile velocity so that way it can atleast compete out to medium range and beyond, like the lancer and phoenix do.

    Right now I just blow raspberries when I go to use my rocket and realize I had the striker equipped.
  8. Eternaloptimist

    But it's so much fun! and you have to use it differently to how you would use a stock dumb fire or lock on launcher. Close range, lightly armoured targets (Max and light vehicles) finishing off damaged vehicles and scaring people off. On its own it is not a high kill weapon and I suspect it is like the other ESRLs - best used in groups - but I have only just started using it. But for all that, the Phoenix and the Lancer are better in my opinion and from recent experience (I've become an ESRL junkie quite recently).
  9. Lord_Avatar

    The Striker is garbage OP - that would be about it. Sure, you *can* get kills with it, but the stock dumbfire and the Grounder are leaps and bounds better.
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  10. EarlofSunderer

    I'm biased against buffing the Striker because I don't play TR.
    So I have incentive to say it's fine and it's at least 50% as awesome as the lancer and the Phoenix<3

    It is not.

    A 250 cert g2a launcher is FAR more versatile, cheaper, has a greater chance of getting a kill because the damage comes in one shot. It has longer effective range vs moving ESF, and can still function as a close range ESF deterrent/killer.
    Also better for popping out of cover for a sec to shoot a tank. It's an embarrassing ES launcher when compared to the lancer and the Phoenix...or even the 250cert g2a launcher.

    Having it lock onto vehicles (and MAX) in the same way it currently does with ESF (but reduced lockon range vs ground) might leave it in a better place. Maybe greatly increase the max ammo pool, giving it better 'dakka' ability to compensate for inaccuracy at range vs ESF pilots who don't hover.

    The Striker is an expensive situational launcher that can feel fun, but is far less threatening to ESF than a 250cert g2a launcher most of the time.
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  11. Gutseen

    Just make it act like an nc max Raven, and its g2g
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  12. Ryo313

    muzzle velocity :180m/s => 200 m/s
    splash dmg: 50/2m => 100/1m ( base splash dmg from other rocket launchers are 750/0,35m so fireing the whole mag would do 600/1m)
    Firerate: 150U/Min => 200U/Min ( try to shoot the NS Barron G5 it feels more confortable then the 150U/Min)
    Lock-on range: 20m air => 20m air 5-10m ground?

    it needs slight improvements. i would like to test it with those changes and see if those are too much.
    otherwhise there is no reason to waste 1k certs for the striker when you can have the Grounder which is way cheaper AND is more versatile.
  13. Liewec123

    its now more or less an AA weapons, though i've had my fair share of ground vehicle kills with it :)
    the advantage that i like when using it for AA is that it doesn't give the enemy the advanced warning that ordinary AA launchers do.
    so you're more likely to hit them, also one clip takes off over half their health, so aslong as you can fire 2 clips within 20m of a target you're fine :p
  14. Drag0

    The Striker is the worst weapon in the game...

    Now the Lancer -- that is a weapon!
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  15. asmodraxus

    Nah PPA is worse, comes close.
  16. Ryme Intrinseca

    Time to fire 1335 damage with decimator: instantaneous.
    Time to fire 1200 damage with striker: 1.6 seconds, enough time for pretty much any weapon in the game to kill you.

    It really is a joke weapon
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  17. Repe Susi

    Yeah it's disappointing on its own.
    I can occasionally take down at Lightning or Scythe but most of the time all I get is assists.

    But let's say you have 2 of them...
  18. CMDante

    It's far and away the worst launcher in the game, massively more difficult to use and offers only a tiny piece of bonus damage. Toss it in your locker and just walk away, anything it can do, the Grounder can do better and with less pain in the ***.
  19. rrrr

    The T2 is very powerful in a valkyrie against ESF's.

    How I completed valkyrie rumbleseat kills directive was get in a valkyrie with T2, then get a scythe to chase me and I fly straight and level then as he starts firing I press A which makes the valk start to yaw to the left/ then I hit F3 and it puts me in the rumble seat as the valk slowly rotates left and I get face front few of scythe chasing me and I unload full clip into his face! 2 clips and they're toast.

    It's also has a lot more range due to it's higher velocity, and if you pulse fire one at a time it's very accurate.
  20. Tycoh

    It's basically a poor man's Very poor man's 6 round self-defense flak cannon.

    Has the Striker improved at all lately? I've been trying to fight armor with it but it refuses to kill anything, its just an armor/air deterrent.