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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Attackmack, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Attackmack

    Will we ever get proper support for configuring joysticks/hotas?
    Seems like most ppl find the same issue with sensitivity, its been mentioned for months but still not solved.
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  2. Bloodlet

    Agree. I've barely flown in this game because I can't use my joystick. As it stands I pretty much only fly to get from one place to another on the map before I go ground again.
  3. Attackmack

    Me to, i spawn a mossy, fly it to where i wanna go and crash it into whatever seems suiting at the moment!
  4. St0mpy

    until SOE edit their side theres a fix for the broken sensitivity in settings, SOE devs just messed up the units, except its not sensitivity really, its a slowness mode, the devs havnt implimented windows routines, theyve somehow slowed down the turning of the axis, this is not the same thing, its a crazy way to try and reinvent the wheel.

    As for the massive deadzone with no control, hat and other issues, theyre still ongoing
  5. MaxT

    +1....make the joysticks usable please...
  6. Believer

    I'm not sure we have even gotten an acknowledgement on this, they may not be working on it anymore. I'll start a new thread with the St0mpy post, which is the best so far...

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