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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Twigg, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Twigg

    As a complete rookie, I have a dumb question. Why can't i get my jet pack to work? I have the hotkey for the "use" ability. Is that not the ability that triggers the JP? Do I need to turn it on or something? thanks !!
  2. Unmovingtarget

  3. Twigg

    aha !! thought maybe I was out of fuel or something !! Thanks so much !! Are there any instructions for this basic type stuff? I watched some of the you tube tuturials.
  4. Doublefrost

    I don't think there are any tutorials, at least that I know of. Just get a feel for your range and momentum, know that the cert upgrades are very worth it and learn how to land in windows as you crouch, can fly right into buildings that way! Always look up and get to know what's where.
  5. anaverageguy

    LOL. I had never thought that someone would mistake the ability button as the button for jetpack use. That certainly should have been explained somewhere or other..

    If you're interested, just note that you can do everything with the basic jetpack that you can with other packs. It's not necessarily worthwhile to get the other ones. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I have found throughout beta that the basic jetpacks are more versatile [and that the drifter is useless]. Might want to upgrade a bit though. Fuel is a big issue in some cases.

    The key is learning that sometimes.. holding the spacebar down is not always good idea.
    With the pack,
    You can fly vertically, which is obvious.

    Slow descent from high altitude (just need to work on timing. You might burn all your fuel trying to slow down to non-lethal speed).

    Fly across shorter gaps (better than the drifter can because you get vertical boost with the basic pack and you can adjust for elevation difference) by using intermittent bursts to stay aloft [the downtime allows fuel regen for longer flight].

    Go wherever the heck you want.

    The jetpack is also the only way for you to quickly move backwards. Other classes have to turn around. The jetpack will accelerate you to a speed that is faster than being on the ground.

    I saw someone mention that you can get into windows. It's true. But if you toggle sprint, you should make sure it's off because crouch is automatically turned off when the character sprints, meaning you won't get through the window easily.
  6. Doublefrost

    Yeah, I've been telling people how to get into windows. It also allows landing in some nooks on bases and buildings where you can't otherwise fit. Some of them with extreme tactical advantage associated with the position. Just have to crouch on contact. A lot of people seem to have the jetpack button problem. At least, some do. It makes enough sense to think it's the ability button where I don't consider it a bad attempt even if it's not the correct activator.
  7. Twigg

    great advice and thanks again all. I didn't play beta and have a lot of learning to do. My K/D ratio yesterday when I started was like 1-20. Once I slowed down and started really paying attention, I think I am somewhere near 20-60. Even got a few kills with the guns on the troop transport until a tank took exception.
  8. ThoughtfulBee

    In the General settings of the game, set your GUI to "Centralized HUD Mode". Not only is this the superior HUD and will help you greatly in the long run, but it displays your Fuel in a central location.