January 17, 2023 - PC Update

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    Game servers will go down for our scheduled pc update tomorrow @ 6am pt / 3pm ct. for a 3hr downtime window.

    Capture the Conduit Rework
    Capture the Conduit has been reworked. Conduit facilities are now "hybrid" style facilities where repositories are activated by Conduits, at which point they become capture points. Attackers must hold these capture points in order to capture the facility in a similar manner to other facilities. Bringing additional flags to a captured repository provides large amounts of capture progress and will greatly speed up capture times. This should make many aspects of capturing a base more readable, familiar, and reliable while still maintaining the more interesting aspects of needing to capture conduits.
    How the new system will work:
    • Capture the Conduit facilities are captured via the traditional method of holding activated repositories (capture points) until the attacker captures the facility.
    • Repositories are activated by bringing conduits to them.
    • An activated repository behaves like a normal capture point until the base is captured, or the point is recaptured and deactivated.
    • Bringing additional flags to an owned active repository will grant a large amount of facility capture progress, roughly equivalent to owning that point for a minute.
    • Conduits themselves will behave the same, and be subject to the same rules and restrictions as they were previously.
    Based on feedback from the Public Test Server the capture time was dramatically lowered, especially with the capture of additional flags, which now have a significant impact of capture progress. This should make attacking and capturing a facility easier than it was and also draw some attention towards the flag while a capture is still in progress. That being said, the public test was somewhat limited so we will be making further adjustments as the new system is put through its paces by more players at a higher concurrency.
    For a full account of why these changes were made and our though process behind them please see the November 2023 Development Update.

    As part of the playtest, we are reviewed all 22 of the Conduit facilities. Facilities that remained Conduit bases had updates made to their repository, conduit, and spawn point locations. Other minor adjustments were also made where needed.
    Several facility types were also reverted to previous facility types, listed below.
    The Traverse Reverted to 1 Capture Point
    Mattherson's Triumph Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Baldur Amp Station Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Spiral Oasis Reverted to Construction Outpost
    J908 Impact Site Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Indar Excavation Site Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    The Bastion Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Splitpeak Pass Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    West Pass Watchtower Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Fort Drexler Reverted to 3 Capture Points
    Hunter's Blind
    Reverted to 1 Capture Point

    Known Issues
    The UI still isn't complete and is being actively worked on. The UI should still be functional, but not provide all of the desired information to players for different configurations of the state of the facility. We felt that given the need for the update that releasing with the current UI issues would still be a net positive as opposed to waiting until all of the UI work was fully complete.

    Lunar New Year
    It is the year of the Dragon, for this Lunar New Year the following bundle will be on sale starting February 10th.
    • Dragon Helmet
    • Year of the Dragon Outfit Decal
    • Dragon Profile Banner
    • Golden Lunar Banner Frame
    • 1 Day XP Boost
    Previous Lunar New Year bundles are also returning to the store for a limited time.

    Bug Fixes
    • The the NS-357 "Endeavor" Underboss has had its sights zeroed, removing a vertical misalignment
    • A hole in the terrain near Snowshear Watchtower has been filled by the Auraxus parks department
    • A gap in the water surface at Ixtab Water Purification is no longer dividing by zero
    • Underwater firing sounds for the VE-LR "Obelisk", NS-61 Ravenous, NS-44L Ravenous have been fixed
    • NSO weapons VFX/ SFX shells should now properly appear when using the silencer
    • NSO weapons have had their "no ammo" audio indications sounds fixed
    • The AMR-66, HSR-1, NS-11 series have had their silencer delays fixed
    • Fixed the issue when the trigger is spammed with the C-4 detonator, every other press plays no audio
    • Fixed Infinite flight exploit via light assault Icarus Jump fix
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