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  1. HeadshotVictim

    hi there
    dunno, if there already exists a thread like this, but do you build traps with Explosives?

    Example 1:
    put an Ammo Box were you expect enemy infantry go and lay an AI Mines right next to it.
    Infantry will most likely run towards it, exploding in a nice ball of flame :D

    Example 2:
    Put AV-Mines on the ground, put colored smoke onto them -> hardly visible mines

    any more ideas?
  2. Adept

    Have you tried these? I don't think enemy ammo boxes show up at all - maybe the small box, but not the white icon.
    The 2nd one may work with squad beacons, but they tend to be shot from a distance.
    I think these ideas would only work for team killing purposes :(

    The only thing that seems to actually work is live bait.
  3. HeadshotVictim

    the colored smoke is tested and works pretty good.
    It is really hard to see the mines through smoke (even with the old IR-Scopes)

    the ammo Box-Thingy is a bit tricky... that is right. I tried it once and someone was friendly enough to stop on it though.
    (perhaps you have to find enemy ammo boxes....)

    Placing C4 on the Cap Points themslves. Hit the trigger when the point starts blinking (thanks Wrel here :D)
  4. SirIBON

    me thinks the colored smoke is only visible for the own fraction.

    The Idea with the Ammobox is nice, but i can only place one, that i will use to support my team.
    Of course my team can also use it, but if an Evil shoot at it, my team/fraction-mate will die.

    I use minetraps to defend special positions with the combination of an AT and an AP Mine. So i can set up 2 Traps.