Is there anything wrong with TR this patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. lsp1

    Your still op as ever, nothing's changed. The carv and everything still feels exactly the same. They should give you guys horrible cof like in ps1.
  2. Jimmy DeSouza

    Except that is exactly what they did do. (Well not hugely so, but we already had the worst COFs and they made them worse).
  3. multifactionserver

    Exactly, and the reaming they gave TR is just accelerating the games demise.

    VS are so ridiculous easy mode its insane, and the NC ******* are still complaining

    a lot of us are fed up with SoE's approach to balance, just duplicate the guns across the three factions, give them different sounds, but EXACT same stats and stop this ridiculous whinefest
  4. Choppstick

    Sorry think you got that backwards. Our guns will miss point blank some times due to COF and Recoil. Thats been in since day 1 of live. From what i heard TR never had this issue. Untill now apparently. And plz dont say that TR guns have a worse recoil and COF then NC ones. Pretty sure they will flame the crap outa you for that.
  5. multifactionserver

    only because most of the whiners on here are NC ****heads
  6. Jimmy DeSouza

    I have seen a few threads to that effect (and indeed made one myself).

    The response is always the VS and NC going "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "Individuality!" And then in thier next post ******** about how the TR are so obviously OP.

    That level of stupidity boggles my mind...
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  7. Jimmy DeSouza

    TR weapons do have worse COF than NC ones, and TR weapons have identical or slightly lower recoil. NC have the lowest COFs, but the most recoil to "balance" it out.
  8. MartianDiscoFish

    VS' theme is accuracy over damage, thus why vanu have the weakest dps but greater stability and accuracy when firing

    But I agree with you on faction weapons being way too similar, SOE have dumbed down the assymmetry too much in my opinion
    TR and VS weapons actually do the same damage per bullet, our guns are just more accurate but weaker variants of TR guns

    I think each faction weapons needs a completely new mechanic,
    TR guns should all be auto-burst fire, less damage per bullet but much faster firing
    VS guns should have a overheat mechanic rather than magazines, more damage per bullet but slower firing
    NC guns should be like railguns, semi-autos that fire say 4 bullets at once
  9. Jimmy DeSouza

    VS actually have the best DPS at point blank, or tied with the TR depending on weapon. At range thier DPS and (E)DPS is the highest in the game (due to falloff, COF, low recoil, no bullet drop)
  10. BuzzCutPsycho

    This thread is funny.
  11. Jimmy DeSouza

    Is it true that you havent been able to use the repair tool since the update?
  12. multifactionserver

    Exactly, even though they have objectively superior weapons now, the whining is continuing. Of course they don't want TR to have the same weapons they do, because they know they'll get rolled.

    Just equalize the weapons - exact copies for all factions - problem solved, the children can cry to someone who cares and we can go on playing the game
  13. Jimmy DeSouza

    Unfortunately, even if we did get identical weapons and vehicles, then it will be map layout whining. Then when the warpgates start rotating again it will be colour whining ("Wah I cant see the VS at night!" "Wah the VS giraffe camo looks like NC!")

    People will always whine it seems.
  14. MartianDiscoFish

    Fall-off actually means reduced damage at range and is the balancing point for VS weapons being so accurate.
  15. TheGroggyOne

    I don't know about a nerf, if they did nerf something, it wasn't my Carv. You want to stand there an gawk at me, I'll be more than happy to rip your head off with it.
  16. MartianDiscoFish

    They nerfed every gun with 40+ bullets in a mag, so all faction LMGs and TR weapons
  17. Jimmy DeSouza

    Look up the stats.

    The weapons have gradual falloff between Max and Min damage.

    My min is at 65m, whereas your min is at 115m. So you have more damage at every distance than me because your falloff doesnt effect you as much.

    This is before we take things like recoil and cone of fire into account.
  18. MartianDiscoFish

    I'll rephrase that, that is how weapon VS weapon balance should be.

    But right now VS guns are more accurate, but just do less damage (see Pulsar VS1 vs T1 Cycler)
    So VS lose out a close range, but dominate at mid range, which shouldn't be how it should be
  19. TheGroggyOne

    Ah, still don't notice it though. :(
  20. Jimmy DeSouza

    At anything beyond 18m the pulsar does more pure dps than the cycler.

    I wasnt aware a distance you can cover in a second or two counted as "mid range"...